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julMy nieces & nephews – I LOVE YOU! (even the 2 not in the picture…)

I don’t remember if I’ve heard it or read it somewhere or where ever it came from, but a while ago it was said how horrible the kids’ new way of speaking was. Most disturbing was the overuse of the phrase ”I love you”, especially when the rugrats added the nowadays’ classic <3. Well, no, I can’t imagine anything worse.

OMG, what are these kids thinking?

The person or persons (since I can’t seem to remember where it came from) wanted to make the point that by overusing it, the phrase totally lost all meaning and sincerity. Yes, that’s how I am raised, Swedish as I am, and now I’m not just talking about my family, because I had the most precious love declaration from Terje (my baby brother). Barely 3 years old he apparantly got this crazy idea that he ”loved me”, so he just blurted it out.

“I love you” from my 3-year old baby brother was the sweetest thing I’d ever heard, and still is…

That was one of the cutest things I’d ever heard, and I was moved to tears. Still today the memory makes me fuzzy. But Swedish society wants us to believe that overusing this grand word is wrong. We should only use it when we mean it, and certainly never too soon.

So the first time you feel you want to say it to someone you feel totally nauseous on the verge of vomiting.

Sometimes you even do. Vomit that is. The word is so incredibly big and difficult, just simply because it is so dangerous to say it. Dangerous to not get to hear it back. However, not getting it back isn’t really the issue, it’s rather the fact that the l-word is so taboo in the Swedish society. We hardly use it, ever, and I can’t even remember if I’ve ever said it to anyone in my family. Although there’s no question I love every single of them, it’s more a question of: “Bah, they already know!”

Use it before we lose it.

I think it’s great Swedish kids use it, or it’s going to disappear from our language; pretty soon it will end up being a word in a dictionary noone even knows how to pronounce, let alone the meaning.

What if you might use it too soon? Or say it to the wrong person?

When I’m in a relationship I’m very careful with the word, because I know it frightens many people – especially men. Some people can never say it, even though they might have the feelings. We’ve been together for years, but whaaaaat, should I really say I love you?

I never use the big, dangerous word without meaning it! However, that doesn’t mean the love will last forever.

Dennis, my ex, blurped the big word after only 2 weeks, so the taboo passed quickly. However, he was apparantly mentally disabled so we shouldn’t really follow his lead, should we? But in general I think we should use the word as often as possible.

Aren’t you almost constantly surrounded by people you love?

Your sister who’s always been there for you – don’t you love her? Your dad or your mom who always stood up for you, even though you’ve made a total mess – don’t you love them? Yes of course, but they already know that. Yes, maybe they do, but it shouldn’t stop you from saying it. Everybody needs to hear it now and then.

So wear it out, for frack’s sake, every day.

Find someone every day that you can honestly say ”I love you” to and mean it. It’s nothing dangerous, it doesn’t bite and it doesn’t cost a fracking thing. It will only give you so much, and isn’t that what’s life’s all about – giving.


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