First day of school


So Monday was the first day of school. I was in good time, and was already there ready and able at 1330 (class started at 1400), and lucky me it turned out I had a whole heap of papers to fill in for my application for the ED-studentvisa. Oh my lord, I’m supposed to get 14 visa photos, and that isn’t at all an exaggeration.



”Should I always use ”krap”?”



We were 5 students and 1 really nice and competent teacher. One other girl from Sweden, a woman from Hungary, an extremely annoying man from Holland and a quiet, typical Asian, man from Korea. We’re a good team, but sometimes I felt like punching in the teeth on the white farang sitting next to me – I’m referring to the Dutch guy. For example: the teacher explained men ALWAYS say “krap” after everything, because it is a polite form you always use, whereas women use ”ka”. ALWAYS. She pointed this always out pretty clearly and added that it should be at the end of every sentence. ALWAYS. About that many times, and some more, she stated this fact, YET the farang idiot felt it necessary to ask every time we learned a new sentence or phrase: “Should I say krap after this?” When the same question arose say about 15 times the teacher Yu also started to look a tad annoyed.



It is a language – not brain surgery ffs.



The lesson was really fun and I’ve forgotten how fun it can be learning something new and to do it with inspirational people. I liked my teacher a lot and I think I will learn very much here.



Introduction – hell no, let’s just dive in!



Silly me thought this would only be an introduction so I didn’t have anything to eat before – at all – so after 2 hours I was veeeeery hungry. Pad kaprao next.



Koh Samui have options




On Koh Chang the only food I bought was fast food from 7-11, but I haven’t actually done that so much here on Koh Samui, mostly because there are other options. On Kai Bae everything was closed, so it was much easier to buy something nearby than walking around in the rain looking for an open restaurant. This evening however, we bought some food from 7-11; the pictures above were my purchases. Mini pao were really tasty – I love tiny bundles in all their forms and contents; these contained only vegetables, which usually are my personal favourites. However, I’m usually not so into pao, because there’s so much fluffy dough or whatever.



I like the doughier kind with thinner dough.



That didn’t make much sense, did it? I will try and get a picture on them later on, because they are actually my absolute top food. I’d also bought a tuna sandwich, because I had such a craving for bread – I guess lack of carbohydrates. Usually I just buy a toast in 7, but that night I went for a cold tuna.



A kind of “Falling down”-moment when I opened it.



What the frack? Not even a single small piece of lettuce – only a small amount of tuna mix in the center of the sandwich and smack together. Well, that was a one time buy only.


Over & out…