Kokeshi dolls and the quest for a home



At the moment (edit: in October 2012) I’m looking everywhere for a home. After being ”homeless” or rather not having my own place for years, I yearn for some small space to call my own; a place I can decorate on my own with my things and which represents me.


All those small, beautiful, funny Asian things – I want to buy them all and put them in MY home.




I’ve found lots of stuff I want to shop and my fingers are burning, but the wallet is by now pretty empty, thus making shopping difficult. So far I’ve only been shopping some nice small japanese dolls – kokeshi dolls – and a pillow. Well, yes, I haven’t really started out big, but it’s always something, right. I will also have to buy a duvet too. Ever since I got the AC running, it’s preeeeeettyyyy cold, since I’ve only got nothing more than a sheet to cover up. And I will have to buy a duvet in the future anyways, so why not now?


Where is that special place, the one you can call your own?


The problem now is to find that special place where I actually want to live; the place I can feel in my gut “this is my home”. I’m pretty convinced that I’ll want live here on Koh Samui actually, even though I’ve never really liked the island, but it’s so incredibly civilised (most of the times) and I’ll find everything I need here. The school is here, internet everywhere so I can work (in case I ever get this going) and there’s a small dog & cat rescue center where I was planning on volunteering some time every week, when everything is rolling smoothly, which might be never.


Of course I won’t have as many culture clashes to blog about as I would’ve had in Buriram, but I suspect I would’nt have had so much to do there.


But to return to the question in hand – what about the home I’m looking for? I’ve thrown out some threads; I’ll throw out some more in school too. My biggest hope is Gookkai, I suppose, who has her own salon – she has many clients who are actually house/apartment owners here on Samui, and she offered to hear if anybody had anything for my budget. She also offered me a room above her salon – FOR FREE – if I need to save money. Incredibly nice really, and it’s a completely new building, so everything inside is tip top and has AC, high speed internet – the lot. But I’m hoping it won’t come to that, because I really want something of my own and wouldn’t want to have to stay here and there, in friend’s home or whatever.

So cross your fingers everybody so I’ll find that nice apartment with community pool and gym for a reasonable sum per month. Until then I guess I’ll be staying here in the dojo.