Write for yourself…


This post was written in November 2012, and posted on my previous Onsugar-blog.


Since I yesterday went through a bit of a writer’s block and I still had to post something I thought I’d spend today reading some sane blogs about writing. I have decided to post Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday – EVERY week. Partly because I need a regularity in my blogging, but mostly because I need to learn to deal with deadlines. I suck in finishing and if this is something I’m going to do professionally, then I really need to practice meeting deadlines, and writing under the pressure of actually having a deadline. As well as coming up with topics on command. The whole thing is an experiment, and an excellent opportunity to practice, and I hope the result will be exactly what I seek.

Scheduling posts is my way to practice meeting deadlines.

The last few weeks I’ve spent much time in front of my laptop – okey, I always spend a lot of time in front of my laptop, basically 24/7 – from the moment I wake up until the moment I go to sleep – but now I’ve spent more and more time reading and writing. The last 2 weeks it’s been pretty much about business though, which is not as much fun, if I’m to be completely honest, but oh so necessary. I’m not much for economics, creating budgets, or other things essential for businesses, but now I have to learn and, lucky for me, Internet has an incredible amount of resources. As I’ve said before, I cannot understand, at all, what people were doing before the internet.

How did we manage before Internet? Did we even have lives? 😉

Now I’ve just discovered this blog ”Write To Done” and it’s basically about writing – mostly blog writing, but also other types of writing. Today I read a post I found some days ago, but I ”Read Later” it (a Mozilla addon I just recently discovered too).

The post dealt with the issue of why you should write and for whom”Why you should write first for yourself”. I started to think about myself (as usual you always want to draw parallells and find similarities with your own experiences, right?), and a memory popped up. One time I wrote a letter/email (I can’t really remember for sure, but it was back in the 90’s, so it definitely could’ve been a letter) to my ex, and at the end I wrote a phrase from one of Petter’s songs (a Swedish singer/rapper). My ex had never heard the song and he thought I had written the spectacular lines and he was immensly impressed. He knew I was always writing, he just didn’t know what. But since I’m such an honest fox, I could hardly do anything else than confess and well, yes, he was a bit dissapointed.

But, since writing is my thing I thought maybe I’d be able to write as Petter did (does) – adopt some of his style, steal his awesomeness. I started writing, inspired by Petter. After some really hard work I’d written a poem, which I thought was great, but so far from my own style – words I’d never use had it not been for my temporary wish to write like someone else in order to impress my boyfriend. I left it at home on the kitchen table for him to find, but when we met he didn’t say a word about it, so after a while I brought it up – why he hadn’t made a comment. ”I thought it sucked.” was the simple answer. Within me I knew he was right – it did suck. But it sucked because I’d tried to write as someone who was not me. I didn’t try to bring out ME, but tried to bring out Petter. I didn’t understand that’s Petter’s job, mine is to bring out me.

When it comes from within, you can never lose.

To succeed as a writer – whether you’re writing a blog, fiction or non-fiction, you always have to write from within yourself – from your heart, if I may express myself a tad dramatically. Otherwise you might as well forget about it and go work in a factory. It’s like everything in life – it has to come from within – from you. Only then can you succeed, and only then can you succeed with anything at all!