Things I love about Thailand…

This post was written (somewhat edited) in November 2012, and posted on my previous Onsugar-blog.

Since I’ve decided to share with you what I like the most of my new home country, and what I like the least, today I will share what I love about Thailand. I wanted you to understand why I’ve chosen this country for my new home. I’m sure I will want to add things as time pass by on this list too, but this is how the list looks today.


This is what I love about my new home country Thailand:

    • When you buy something, a menial small little thing, such as a protective film for your iPhone, they don’t just sell it, they put it on for you; they make such an effort in the work doing it too, it’s almost like their life depended on it. At home in Sweden you can’t even get the merchandise you bought gift wrapped, because they don’t have the time, or sometimes not even the energy.


    • All the smells (even the not so pleasant ones)!


    • The small bags you get the take away food in.


    • The relaxed mental climate – they don’t take things so seriously.


    • The closeness to a beautiful ocean (depending on where you live naturally), and breathtaking beaches.


    • Thai people are so nice and so social; they speak to anybody, at any time.


    • Buddhism – a tolerant religion; big contrast to the narrow-minded Christianity.


    • The mix of temples and modern buildings.


    • The respect the Thais show their elders.


    • The respect and love the Thais have for their king (although many don’t know why they love him, but ”he is such a great man”).


    • The love of living; they might have lost everything, but they’re still happy to be alive.


    • The ability to show so much love; they are not afraid of their emotions, although they prefer not to publicly display them.


    • The average Joe is incredibly generous towards friends and family. Everybody helps out whenever they can.


    • Homophobia doesn’t exist. At least not in the big scale, or in the same way, as back home.


    • All the dogs and cats you can wash with your love.


    • All the cute, cool, funny stuff you can buy in this country. You can get cute stuff in EVERYTHING! Inspired from New style Japan, although a lot cheaper than in Japan.


    • Yamwonsen (glass noodle salad), Laab, Padkaprao… THAI FOOD!!!


    • So many waterfalls! (added 120221)


    • All the markets where you can buy anything for nothing. (added 120221)


    • Food stalls with cheap, yummy food. (added 120221)

I’d like to make a point here – these are all generalisations I’m making here. There are Thai people not fitting my judgmental biased opinions, but there are also those who do.