My home – a sanctuary for all animals!

The other day something funny occurred. I was brushing my teet while talking to Oh at the same time (how ever you could manage to talk and brush at the same time). He’d just squashed a small, minimini caterpillar (far from the monster I’d found in the bathroom in Buriram a chilly night). I felt a tad disturbed by this and didn’t fully understand the reason for the squashing.

buriram1Geckos at home in Buriram.

”In MY house ALL animals are welcome!”
I yelled as a matter-of-factly and out came a mouse rushing, feeling safe enough by my words to come out of hiding. He ran out from under the refridgerator and ran a hectic circle. As if he wanted to let us know he was here and it was about time we took care of him. Well, what could I say?
I could hardly withdraw my invitation just because we had a mouse in our house.
Oh’s first impulse was to kill it, but I protested so loudly he just had to give in. He usually does, there is absolutely no reason to quibble with the farang, she doesn’t stop until she gets her way, or at least until she believes she has him convinced.
“That’s it!”
One of my Facebook friends commented on my status update with this happening with the words: “That’s it!”; he would’ve moved out at once, and the more I thought about it I realised that most people probably would’ve. The limit’s been reached when mice enters your home, or other such nasty animals. I don’t even know anymore whether I have a limit or not, and certainly not where it is.
In my world all small, furry creatures = cute. Or not…

buriram3Bathroom guest in Buriram. Not so cute!

The point is I like mice. Rats maybe… not so much, but in my world everything small and furry is something I find cute. Maybe not a tarantula, but maybe there’s my limit. Cockroaches and spiders – no thank you. Lizards (YES, eat all my fracking insects in my home, please), snakes, mice, rats – no, I can’t see any reason for panic.
“I found an Israelite in the bathroom!” “Really? What did he say?”

But my limit seems pretty silly and absurd, since I actually can see the unreasonable in seeking out the owner just to let him know you’re moving out, since you found a cockroach in the bathroom. Well, if that’s the case I can’t live anywhere in this country.

buriram2Making some cross stitching!

I will simply have to learn to live with cockroaches and spiders – no matter how big and disgusting they might be. When it’s too grouse, I’ll just send my trigger happy boyfriend on them. Just the mice I’m protecting. And maybe one or two rats.


2 thoughts on “My home – a sanctuary for all animals!

  1. Please, share with me. What are you doing for work in Buriram? I am planning to come and would like to be there for a long while with my new wife….but I am always worried about using up all the available money i bring and would prefer to work.


    1. Hi Santipahp! Actually I’m not living in Buriram, I was just visiting my fiancee’s home. At the moment we are living in Koh Samui, where I’m studying Thai. As for working in Buriram, it all depends on where in Buriram you’re going to live, and what you actually can do or would consider working with. For me, as a farang, my options are quite limited, yet at the same time, endless. Good luck and please share with me too. πŸ™‚


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