My name is creating conflict

I’m getting quite tired of this ”conflict”. About 2 weeks ago I received an email from Shanghai from a man named John – just simply John; no last name, kind of like Madonna, where I was informed about a chinese company wanted to register ”charnette” as a key word on the internet. He also wanted to know if I was interested in registering my company’s name Charnette, or if I might be associated with this chinese company.

At first I didn’t know whether it was a joke or not.


What did they mean – registering ”charnette” as a key word? A key word for what?


I ignored the email, but another one  popped up in my inbox, this time an email from a chinese – probably – a Lin JianFa. His English wasn’t very good, and he was very rude.


Skärmavbild 2013-01-21 kl. 6.01.24 PM


“Go ahead and use “charnette” as a keyword, if you like.”


So I simply answered him that I had no claims, whatsoever, since this is not my company’s name, but my own given name.

I received another email from the first one – John, where he continues pushing me, however clearly on my side. The chinese company doesn’t want to give in, despite the advice he’s given them, to register another key word. He can help me with prices if I want to register different kinds of asian domains and key words myself. YOU BET! 


This was when I started to smell the dog buried in the mud. 


But before I started nosing around on the net I sent him a reply where I wondered in deep concern whether this chinese company could stop me from using my own name, in case they registered ”charnette”. Will be quite interesting to read that reply… lol


I found several entertaining sites, among others a whole conversation here and posts on this forum (however all in Swedish) all regarding ”my” John.


Yes, it seems a lot of strange emails are arriving nowadays. All with the intention of scamming you for money. A couple of weeks ago this amusing email showed up.


Skärmavbild 2013-01-12 kl. 12.36.06 AM


I have to wonder: are there really people buying these scams? Now I’m referring to the last one mentioned. Even a negative cynical person like me wasn’t sure about the first one. So if you receive any email like these two, now you’ll know these are just crap; trash away! 🙂



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