2012, 2nd try

In a previous post I tried to describe the year which passed – 2012 – and shortly explained what it’s meant for me. The bigger plan was/is to post a photo resumé of 2012 – pictures of events in some way meaningful to me, or pictures representing something.

Now the pictures are soon ready and I feel I also would like to post some of them on my blog here and not only on my photo blog.
So what really happened during 2012?


The year 2012 was a pretty big year for me. I worked harder than ever before, had a break down and recovered, decided to turn onto a new path, and took the step out in reality without a single life line. Many would’ve called it brave, although at the moment, I’m referring to it as naive. I’m hoping by the end of this year I’ll also call it brave, but right now everything feels pretty downhill.


Insight after insight have landed on me as frequent as airplanes on Heathrow


2012 was, for me, full of insights coming from near and far and all over, and many of them informed me I had taken the right step, and I do rely an awfully lot on my intuition.


The year basically looked like this:


January – started with illness; I welcomed the new year by coughing while looking at the fireworks through my living room window. Tragic! The month continued with plenty of snow!


February – planning for summer started at work and I spend many hours with it.

March – I start packing my things in order to move out of Jessica’s apartment, which I had been rented since August 2011.

April – Birthday month for 75% of my kid brother Terje’s family: Anna, Ebba, and Terje himself.

May – testing a new organisation at work, which has me totally run down, and I’m a total wreck. About the same time my tiirak – Lina Budsjö – is getting married to her Tobias Järvenpää and thereby becomes: mrs Lina Budsjö-Järvenpää. I act as the amateur photographer, and somhow manages to shoot one or two decent photos. Probably because Lina usually always looks incredible in photos.

IMG_1018-red pose3-1

June & July – I work more than I have any free time, but as a reward I receive a new BFF – Jessica Andersson!


August – I go to Thailand to spend more time with my fiancee Oh, and also to study Thai.


September – I spend 1 month alone on Koh Chang to just straightening out my chaotic inner, which has been abused all summer.


October – school’s finally starting and now I’m studying Thai on Koh Samui full time.


November – I started my own company – Tan Translations – which is a translation company, but I’m also working with any kinds of written words.

ttbig1 kopia

December – I go to see Lina in Bangkok, spend Christmas and New Year in Buriram.

Shanti, my cat since 1997 tragically passed away. She was old, so it was to be expected, but it’s always hard losing someone you love, so I’m sending one extra thought to you, Shanti. Thanks for all our wonderful years together and R.I.P!