Fruits, fruits, delicious fruits


There are so many amazing, delicious fruits in this world, and what about all of those you haven’t even tried yet… Yummie! I already long for the next time Oh will stuff some new, unknown juicy piece of fruit in my mouth.

Thus far there’s been putsaa, mangkut, chompoo and a lot of others I can’t even remember the names of, but the ones I want to mention here are my absolute favorites. So far anyway.

No 1:

Putsaa in Thai, and jujube in English.

I tried it for the first time while in Buriram, and one day I found them here on Samui, in Makro, so I simply needed a bag of those. The taste and texture is somewhat similar to an unripe apple; my favorite kind of apples!
Crazy delicious!


No 2:
Mangkut in Thai or mangosteen in English

This is a bogger who really fools you. I’ve never such a fruit looking so boring and mundane on the outside; all brown, scabby and shabby, and when you open it up – SURPRISE! Within you’ll find the most beautiful, white pulp with such a juicy sweetness; just the perfect amount – not too sweet. And all of a sudden it turned into an extremely beautiful fruit…


No 3:

Chompoo in Thai or Syzygium jambos, a k a Rose Apple in English

Another kind of apple which I’m mad about is called Rose Apple. You’ll find a good picture here, since the ones on Wikipedia aren’t the ones I’m mad about. It seems as though the ones I like are the Malaysian kind. According to Wikipedia. They are anyways, among the most delicious fruits I ever tasted, yes I know, a lot of love in this post! 😉 The fruit flesh is so crisp and juicy, almost all see through, but still the texture is quite firm. So give it a try. A really hot tip! Besides, they are very beautiful to look at too, just look at this picture I borrowed from here.



No 4:

Snow white apples
And then, there are the red apples, and I mean red, delicious Snow white apples (in true Disney style). Those you can just look at the skin and immediately see how incredibly juicy they are, not those mealy, dry, boring apples we have back home just crushing out of your mouth because the dry pieces are impossible to swallow. No, these are really juicy. Wonderfully fresh and tasty.


No, I haven’t become a fruitarian in my old days, unfortunately, (but now they’re speaking LOUDLY about the parallell between Steve Jobs’ (R.I.P) diet and his pancreatic cancer, so I’m not about to start either), but I eat a lot of fruits here, and I do intend to continue on this track when I get back home to Sweden – we do have every kind there, too. Just have to get out hunting when I’m back!


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    1. I just love all fruits here in Thailand. Sure you can find most of them back home too, but in the cold you’re just not up for stuffing yourself with fruit every day… 😛


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