The Audio tapes’ glory days are over


Last night I dreamt I was going on a vacation with my dad’s part of the family. My brothers were all babies again and so cute (well, they’re still cute, of course, although all of them are grown up men!), so yes, back to the past in some strange way. Usually all dreams are somewhat incoherent, so I didn’t find this strange at all, perfectly normal.

Packing last minute is nothing wierd in my world, not even in my dreams!

I have often dreams where I’m packing 10 minutes (literally) before the plane takes off and I’m hyper stressed – isn’t that odd? – and totally heartbroken since I’m perfectly aware I’m not getting on that flight. I’m going to miss out on my vacation. Another classical dream; I ”forget” to get on my flight, simply miss it due to me oversleeping or something similar. That dream is a recurring one and I always dream it when I’m back home and have a planned journey ahead of me. I usually wake up pouring of sweat with a pounding heart, realising happily that pjuuuh, this was not the day I’m supposed to leave.

The dream last night was the same as the first exampel; I was packing just before we were scheduled to leave. I was incredibly late. It wasn’t clear whether we’re going on a flight, but it seemed as we at least had a deadline.

Of course I was going to make a mixtape, I always made one before any journey!

I had been out shopping for a couple of vinyl records (one of them a picture disc – incredibly cool! Don’t remember, however, by which artist.), and I was recording a mixtape. In my dream this made perfect sense. The recording of a mixtape wasn’t something I did in the past, and when I woke up I remembered the joy of it all.

analog-audio-tapes-design03 Picture borrowed from here!


I was a mixtape freak, I had loads of them.

Just as I had plenty of vinyl records. I’ve always been somewhat of a music freak, and a real omnivore, so I needed to buy every record of a song I liked. But tapes were special, they were actually a product of me! I loved recording different tapes – theme based tapes. One tape for when I wanted to relax, one tape for sporting (although different tapes depending on the type of sport), one tape for promenades, one tape for crying, one tape for when I wanted to beat somebody… you get the picture, right?

There were tapes for every mood and every feeling, and for every journey the soul were to travel.

It was particularly exciting recording mixtapes for longer vacations, you had to record songs you’d expect you would NOT get tired of during x number of months (or for as long the journey might last). However, I only got to record mixtapes for 2 longer vacations, after that I burned CD’s, to Puerto Rico in 2003 I brought an MD, and now I’m bringing MP3’s, well I’m bringing my iPhone, of course. I’m also bringing a huge portable harddrive containing my complete music library.

I ripped all my CD’s to my computer – amazingly well done!

When I broke up with my ex in 2008 I sold the 2000 CD’s I then owned, after ripping them to a hard drive. Now in retrospect I’ve discovered I’ve forgot a whole heap of them for some reason, but that’s ok, the once I really miss I can easily find on the internet today, and they’re quite cheap, sometimes even for free. That was probably the best thing I’ve done. Having to drag along the many heavy boxes every time I moved – yikes! Although I did throw away a lot of things I today regret, but I can’t do anything about that today. What’s done is done.

Meanwhile, back to the mixtape – the task at hand.

The feeling sitting there recording was enormous, often I stayed up all night too. The expectations you had for every journey was simply bubbling inside you, and you felt an excitement you don’t feel today when you’re simply copying one file into a hard drive.

I miss mixtapes, but I love the technology of today too much to make the time travel back to the 80’s.

I remember the joy with the mixtapes, and how they made me feel and I remember with sorrow, actually, that time has passed. Today everything is digital, and the days when you bought a vinyl record, which you later recorded on an audio tape (and some of the songs were always recorded several times on the same tape because they were particularly good), those days have passed. For both good and bad I must say. I love the technology of today, but I also loved the feeling of mixtapes, and I will always remember it with warmth.