Photo improvising


So, last Sunday I forced the poor local boy to go on adventures in true touristic spirit. First we drove to the famous golden giant Buddha at Big Buddha, and after that to Wat Plai Laem, which is more of a Chinese inspired temple where they have these giant white statues. All because the farang wanted some nice tourist photos! Will be posted shortly.

My recent photo hysteria comes from one thing and one thing only:

I’m having trouble with my photos AND my cameras, but I’m now starting to suspect it’s got more to do with my own incompetence for some reason, than the cameras. Every time I’m shooting and actually manage to get a decent photo it still turns out BLURRY or UNSHARP!!! I’m having a mental breakdown here, because it’s so frustrating running around a whole day shooting like a mad cow, coming home and checking your photos in your computer, just to find out they’re all unsharp and blurry – every single one of them! I believe I’m obeying all the rules out there and my ISO is constantly set on 200, so now I’m completely empty for ideas.

The other day it struck me, though, since I usually shoot with the TV-setting (I have absolutely no idea why; some strange thing tagging along since the analog days, and even back then I don’t know why I preferred TV instead of AV), this might be the reason my photos get blurry/unsharp

The reason why my photos are getting blurry, might be because they’re not really in focus – I might be using shutter speeds too long for me to handle! 

So this day I was using AV, auto and creative auto. But still oooooooooh. The result did not come out well. Blurry and shitty. See for yourself.


Is there someone out there keeping any ideas in the back pocket? What can I do to get sharper photos?
I honestly don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but unsharp it is.

Here are some reasons for why photos can get blurry or unsharp, and my test results:

  • I’m incredibly shaky? I haven’t proved this to be neither true nor false, so there’s a possibillity this is the reason. My final test is to use a tripod, but at the moment I don’t have one, so I can’t make any tests. I’m looking for one, which you can make amazingly tiny – I hate dragging along big things – otherwise the plan so far is to buy back the gorilla tripod I gave Linn for her birthday a couple of years ago. It can be hanged and it can climb and it’s pretty small – in the tripod world anyway. Perfect for me.

  • I can’t tell my camera what I really want it to focus on! The answer same as above – not proven false yet.

  • ISO is too high – answer is NO, I’d put it on 200 – permanently! No, this is not the reason for my corny, unsharp photos.

  • It’s too dark – should’ve used a flash! No, not even this one. Even when I use the flash or there is plenty of light the photos turn out unsharp.

  • The shutter speed is too long. Very probable sometimes, but during my ongoing experiment I did test the automatic setting – using shorter shutter speeds as well.

  • Too short depth of field, or too low aperture value. Well, now I wasn’t talking about that kind of unsharpness. To have a fuzzy background is just pretty, for some pictures, but to never have the object in focus – well that’s just NOT nice!


So everybody! If you’ve got any more tips – please, share, because I’m on the brink here! Having changed cameras 5 times the last 3 years, I definitely now know it’s not about the camera – but about me!

So what am I doing wrong?