Adventures in the jungle… or something like that!


Yesterday we woke up to another fabulous day with sweat pouring down from our foreheads. I hate this electricity problem they seem to have here on the island. Once every week the electricity disappears for half a day or so, and it’s not ok. Not for a power hungry lady such as myself!

I remember back in the days when Helena and I went to Koh PhaNgan, or Pernilla and I for that matter – there was no electricity on Koh PhaNgan during daytime; 06-18. On Haad Rin, I mean. I actually don’t remember if all of the island was affected, or not, but probably. Doesn’t make much sense having the biggest tourist beach lacking power whereas the rest of the island had power non-stop.

We were young, so we were partying basically every night. What else is there to do on the party beach no 1? Sometimes I suppose we were watching a movie in some restaurant too, but most of the time we spent partying. So when you arrive back home in the dawn you’re not particularly happy about being woken up at dawn because the fan is turned off and you’re panting like an old bull in heat. The only thing you could possibly do was hang around on the beach – all day. By the way, this was the end of April, too, and for you who actually have been here in April, you all know that the beach isn’t particularly fun during this month. For all of you who haven’t been here in April I could let you know that it’s one of the hottest months here in Thailand. Incredibly hot!

So Helena and I spent all days (from 06-18 more or less) in the water’s edge – the only place where you could get some breeze and some water splashed all over you, even if it was warm water, at least you got moist from something other than sweat. And in the end we did at least get a beautiful sun tan! 😉



So, it’s starting to feel like the 90’s all over again. The electricity is disappearing, the electricity is coming back. The only difference is I’m not completely shitfaced and running around with bar guys. 😉
I forced Oh out of the bed and we went on some adventures. First stop was Mae Nam and the favourite lady’s restaurant – she makes the best Padkaprao. I know Lina will be crazy when I’m posting this picture, but I have to… 😛 The best Thai food – ever! It’s nice that she always recognizes me, too. Well, she knows Oh, so it might not be so strange – but still!


IMG_4536 2

After dinner I decided we should turn into some small road we passed somewhere – it turned out to be the road I was looking for sometime last autumn, actually – the one which goes all across the whole island of Samui. From Mae Nam to Lamai – about that! 😛

Koh Samui is a very montaineous island, and especially in the middle. So you might imagine how much the bike enjoyed this small adventure… At one point it was so slow Oh suggested we’d walk. Wow – the Thai man suggested a walk. Although I wasn’t to keen on it, I realised I had to burn some calories. When I jumped off I actually almost fell backwards because it was so steep – I’m not exaggerating now either, in spite of my genetic inheritance. I dragged myself up a bit on the road, which couldn’t even be labelled as steep, it was simply more like a wall in front of me – and I couldn’t get anywhere but over it! 10 (or was it maybe just 5?) steps later I thought I’d faint (I’m in incredibly bad shape obviously, or we could blame it on the heat, I don’t know, or the fact that I just ate a whole heap of food, or that I had been in bed puking all day the day before – there are so many funny explanations), so I sat down in the middle of the road panting for a while. I saw poor Oh moving upwards with the bike by his side. But of course he wasn’t complaining. After a while he yelled out to me to wait for him right there. Maybe best we turned around – he was about to check it out up there. Apparantly he thought I shouldn’t miss out on the view, so he returned with the bike to pick me up. “I have technique” he said simply and we managed to force the bike to bring us to the top.
We made it – incredibly view – but oh, so unnecessary to take pictures of splendid views, isn’t it? Instead I shot some pictures of some other silly stuff – iguanas and enormous spiders – but since I didn’t bring my zoom lens with me, it didn’t turn out so good…






We entered the main road somewhere in Lamai and drove back home. We returned to a home full of electricity and there we were…