Lame ass expressions…


“Hi, it’s me!”

How often don’t you use these words when someone you’ve just called picks up the phone? Hi, it’s me.

Well, DUH! Of course it’s ME calling, who would it be if it wasn’t me? Not too often I call somebody only to find out when this somebody finally picks up the phone I’m suddenly another person. Or is it? On the other hand, there are plenty of crazies and mental patients out there, so it might be possible.

Mostly I do believe it’s actually “me” calling, not him or you. Or if you feel particularly scattered it might even be “we” who’s calling. Who knows?

The question should rather be: who is ME? Wouldn’t it be more suitable to replace “me” with your name, or if you somehow feel it’s unnecessary to say your name because the person you’re calling should obviously hear who it is, just say: Hi, what’re you doing? Leave this unnecessary expression be!

Are you sleeping?

Another stupid question/expression/whatever: Are you sleeping?

What am I really meant to answer such a question? There is only one answer – everything else is illogical, wrong and idotic.

“No, no, of course I wasn’t sleeping! Should I really?”

However, when somebody asks me this question I cannot for some reason resist the impulse of lying, like had I been caught with my hand in the cookie jar or something similar, doing the forbidden deed. Whoohooo. I’d never admit to sleeping if someone calls and actually wakes me up. It could be in the middle of the night – but sleeping, no oh no, siree, I most certainly did not!

Do you have other strange expressions you for some unexplainable reason blur out without thinking? Do SHARE… 🙂