BKK – finally!


This morning we finally arrived in Bangkok. Since I’d chosen to take the last bus at 1630 from Samui we “landed” sevenish in BKK. That was pretty nice actually, rather than arriving in the otta like we usually do. What are you supposed to do here in the otta??? Check-in is usually at 1400, so using some simple math skills I can actually manage to figure out there are a lot of hours in between. Between the otta and 1400 hours.

We received the room at once here in Buddy’s at Khao San Rd – which I must admit, is pretty amazing. Although, I didn’t get everything I had wished for, which was 1 large bed instead of 2 twin beds, BUT he did inform me if I wanted to wait until 1400 I could get the larger bed, but well, getting the larger bed was not the no 1 on my priority list at that moment, so I chose 2 twin beds instead. Inside our room we slept like logs until 1800, more or less non-stop. We were pretty worn out, both of us.

The favourite place in the corner of the roundabout has the best food in all of Khao San area!

Now we’ve just come from outside, where we paid a visit to our favourite restaurant/food place in the corner of the roundabout over there. You get it right? 😉 It’s super cheap, and most importantly incredibly tasty. The only drawback is we are not the only ones finding the food delicious and cheap. You can hardly get a seat once you arrive, so I won’t explain exactly where it is. Yet.The food is around 30-50 baht, drinks not included. They don’t serve any alcohol, but freshly squeezed juices win everytime for me! If you simply need that beer or whatever there is a 7-11 where you can buy what you like.

Tonight we’re just chilling in front of the tv and laptop, and tomorrow we’re off to check all of my escapades off the to-do-list! I’m already tired.

Yesterday was simply a long day from hell, so I hardly don’t even have the energy writing about it, but: We were picked up in front of the gas station by the ring road outside of Fisherman’s Village (not really important exactly where, is it?) by this company, from which Nuni had bought our bus tickets. The driver sighed and moaned and patted his forehead with a cloth when he saw our bags – one suitcase each and my cabin bag.

“No, it’s impossible” or something like that he told Oh while opening up the rear door on the mini van, so we were able to see the luggage already in place. Full from bottom to top. He spoke with Oh for a while, whereupon he turns to me and mutters something about the driver wanting us to take a taxi to Nathon! OVER MY FRACKING DEAD BODY!!!! What’s sane about having to pay a whole heap of cash to get picked up, just to pay another transport for doing the same thing. Nohooo thank you! If the driver would pay for the taxi, then that’s a whole other story, but that didn’t seem to be the case, so once more NOHOOO THANK YOU!

I just hissed at the driver and Oh knew I was losing it. Nowadays he knows my hisses and sounds and as the inhibited Thai he is, he is terrified of them, and does anything to avoid a mental breakdown. The driver started to repack everything, and he managed to squeeze it back inside, including our luggage. Except for my cabin bag, I had to keep that one inside with one, and I didn’t really mind, because there’s usually plenty of room. Had I only had a seat.

16 people plus the driver, which in my count is 17 people inside a van made for: hmmmmm how many people?

In a van where there are seats for 11 people the driver, alternatively the company, had simply squeezed in another 5 people! Now it made perfect sense why sufficient space for our luggage was missing; they were carrying luggage for 5 people over the maximum limit!

Oh muttered to me to not make any comments! He was in a very bad mood. “Oh noooo, I’ll be so quiet!” I answered and loudly started counting the people inside the van. Not very appreciated! Did I really have to show my discontent so loudly! 🙂

It started to feel like I was back in Kathmandu, where mini vans are used as means of bus transport – they’re smaller than regular local buses and get you almost anywhere – their area of transport is much larger than the local buses, but they still have fixed routes, so they’re not like taxis. Anyway, the amount of people they manage to squeeze into these mini vans is simply crazy, and the “bouncer”, or whatever you should call him – the one in charge of the cash and all the screaming (to let the people on the streets know where the van is heading) – he usually hangs outside of the van. Inside the van people are sitting on each other, and everywhere sitable, and there’re usually benches built along the long sides, just to make it possible stuffing the van with small Asians. Usually around 20-30 people. It’s an extremely unpleasant and uncomfortable ride, but Asians are more or less used to daily events like this, so for them it’s nothing. For me? Well, since I was usually not going too far, even I could stand it.

Anyhooooo, luckily we soon reached our destination Nathon, and got to change to the big bus, which was as usual totally ok. 24 seats is the shit!

I felt like everything was totally messed up yesterday, so when we finally arrived this morning I felt a big, giant, enormous mountain fall off of my shoulders and I could finally relax.

Now we’ll see what BKK has to offer this time – it’s just hmmm, the 5th time in 7 months I’m here!