Arrived in Korat yesterday and found out the mobile internet I put 1000 baht into just before leaving Koh Samui didn’t work.


I don’t know, but had the girl making the transaction looked properly she would’ve seen the error message too.

“Please try again!”

Well yes so I paid 1000 baht for nothing. Doesn’t make me want to puke the slightest actually! 😦

So now I’m stuck in the countryside in the farthest outskirts of Korat. Not even a 7-11, and man, in Thailand that means you’re really in noman’s land! 🙂

Anyhooo, just wanted to let you know I’m still alive, althought you won’t hearfrom me the rest of the week, while I’m here hanging out with my fiancee’s family.

Have a nice week and weekend!

Over & out!