How to show some simple manners onboard an aircraft!

“Hur man visar vanligt hyfs ombord på ett flygplan…” was first published on my Swedish Blog.


If you’re flying in FinnAir’s Business Class you don’t need to show that much consideration to your neighbours! There’s plenty of space for everyone. 


For all of you who are about to board an airplane; here are 10 simple tips on proper behaviour onboard (well, these tips should work in any ordinary civilised situation, for that matter!), from someone who just stepped off an 11 hour flight between Bangkok and Helsinki.

  • Please brush your teeth before you get onboard, or at least make sure you have brushed them some time during the last 24 hours. Please maintain a relatively fresh hygien = don’t smell like a skunk, neither in your mouth nor anywhere else!


  • Don’t pour red wine into you like there isn’t another drink left in the universe, if not for the simple fact that drunk people get extremely annoying, then for the reason you will smell even worse from your mouth and when you’re smashed you tend to sleep with your mouth open, puffing air on people all around you. Rather nauseating, really! 


  • If your neighbour is uninterested in any kind of social company in an obvious manner, then don’t yap a lot of nonsense, and don’t ask stupid questions like: “Are they showing any good movies?” Everyone has their own screen today, so it can’t be that hard to investigate on your own – on your own screen!


  • Don’t fall asleep drooling on your neighbour, i e don’t lean on the shoulder, arms or any other body parts belonging to somebody else!


  • Don’t impinge on your neighbour’s space; you’ve probably paid the same amount for the trip, so why should you be allowed a bigger space? It’s absolutely uncomfortable having to sit with a crooked back for 11 hours (or more, or less), simply because you feel you’re bigger and better! If the neighbour timidly tries to get more space, then pay attention!


  • Almost the same as no 5; don’t exaggerate the space you’re giving your arms stopping your neighbour from moving whenever the food is around!


  • Don’t bring fragile plant creations, if you’re not prepared to sacrifice your own comfort. Don’t try to raise stupid demands such as forcing the person in front of you to sit straight during the long flight, to protect the plant, and don’t say that you yourself can’t keep it in your own lap because that would be uncomfortable. For you. If you’re carrying fragile things you, yourself, should be sitting poorly and not your neighbours!


  • Don’t barf and don’t fart now and again, preferably not at all. It’s rather unpleasant in a sealed up space such as an airplane. You can’t control yourself? Go to the lavatory.


  • Don’t poke your nose and don’t smear your boggers everywhere around you!


  • Sit still with your legs for Christ’s sake, it’s not a marathon!


So, those were the most basic tips – MY basic tips ( ^.~ ) – on how to behave onboard an airplane! Did I forget something, please feel free to comment! I can imagine this is a subject most people have opinions about. ^.^