The return to Sweden


Hey everybody wazzup? 🙂

I’ve been quite sporadic lately, and that is because I’ve been travelling for a few days, thus having trouble finding any decent internet and a good opportunity to write, and lately I’ve been sick.

So, I’m back in Sweden. I refuse to write “home” because nowadays I consider “home” to be in Thailand, which is where I want to spend the greater part of my life. This in spite of my discovery that I miss my family extremely when out of their reach, but I guess some things you have to sacrifice in search of happiness. 😦

Last days in Thailand – for this time!

The last days in Thailand we spent in the city I like more and more the more time we spend there – Bangkok! Sure, it’s fracking hot most of the time, big cities are horrible when it’s hot, but there are so many possibillities. Whatever you want to do – just do it! At the moment I feel like if only I/we get there everything else will fall into place.

In Bangkok we went to MBK (OMG really?) a few times, to find some shoes for people, and pimp our phones. We also paid a visit to Siam Paragon, which is just a short distance away, to enter Ocean World. BUT aaaah, I had no urge to spend 1800 baht on tickets for 2 adults. It might’ve been that Thai people entered cheaper, as usual, but 900 for my ticket felt like a really hefty sum! No thank you. At least not now, when I’m so low on money. I definitely want to go there, and now having been on the outside I’ve seen it’s a professional place, and not a shitty aquarium, so we’ll get there one of these days.

The rest of the time we spent either window shopping or in Khao San Road – eating. We put some emphasis on hugging in the room, too of course. 5 months is the plan to stay in Sweden, and that’s many days apart. 😦

So, now I’m back in Sweden and the oh, so gray daily life…

The trip back to Sweden was very long – 17 hours in Helsinki Airport, but that was nothing. Helsinki is probably my favourite airport nowadays, although compared to Abu Dhabi even Landvetter would win the race (and I have to admit I hardly recognised Landvetter, upon my return! WOW what a make over.). They have free wi-fi at the airport (yeah!!!) and I found this cozy corner, a comfortable armchair with a computer desk and everything. There I was, watching movies and sleeping for several hours. Perfect! And comfortable too!

Helsinki Airport responded to my twitter, where I tweeted about my many hours there, which I thought was incredibly good service. They sent me some pointers on things I could spend my time on whenever I had a moment. In the end I didn’t go through with any of the suggestions, because I was so tired I preferred the company of my computer – as usual – before real life interaction! 😉

Returning to Sweden was hm, so-so. It’s pretty cold and gray, so instead of complaining about it being so hot I can hardly move, I’ll probably be complaining about the chilly temperature. 😉

Back to living with mom then… what’s the point in ever growing up? 😉

I’m living with my mom and her fiancee Hans, this time too, and a couple of days before I came back they brought home a new cat. Once upon a time we had 6 cats – a mother named Shanti and her 5 kittens. 1 kitten was given to an old couple, and the other 4 stayed in our home, or rather my mother’s home, at the time. We lost the last one last year, which was also the first one of cats to enter our home; Shanti outlived all her babies.

The new cat was a lost soul with no home. He’s really sweet. My mother and Hans wanted to name him Gustaf (Garfield’s Swedish name). Hm, my first impulse was to name him Musashi – since he’s a warrior soul and all – but I’ll have to give in. It was rather tedious when I named one of our cats Torafu (=tiger striped in japanese), no one could pronounce it so they kept calling him Olle (a simple Swedish name). Now I’m not planning on staying in the country for long, so I might just leave the name giving to the ones staying here, and actually taking care of the animal. 🙂

During the Easter holiday I managed to spend some time with my sister’s family and her kids Linn and Liam, who I missed so much while abroad. I was planning on seeing my brothers’ families too, but got really sick with fever and stuff so I haven’t gotten any further in my reunions.

Over & Out, y’all!