Update from Sweden



Since my return to Sweden I’ve just been sitting at home, working my ass off every day. :)


Just a couple of days after the return I got an email from the same company who offered me my first paid job this year, and I was thrilled he contacted me again, because that proves I did a good job. The first one. That felt amazingly great! However, it was a small job, but better than nothing, right?


And slowly but steadily I get experience for my CV.


There’s also been plenty to work on with my website, my blogs and my profiles on different social media. I’ve got so much to improve regarding my visibility on internet, and if you’re really going to work on that you’ve hardly got time to do any regular work at all, any job you get paid for that is. For many, your internet presence might not seem like such a big deal, but today it’s extremely important to be seen, especially for us where internet is our “office”.


For me internet is more important than IRL.


At the moment I’m writing on my “About me” page, which I’m also going to use on my social media pages. I must admit, it’s not easy, especially to say something positive about yourself, being Swedish and all that’s not how I’m raised – don’t speak about yourself in a positive manner, because people might think you believe you’re something better than the rest of them!


You actually think you can translate anything better than Greta can? Do you actually believe you can translate anything at all?


So, that’s what I’m struggling with every day. Each day I try to come up with something I really deep inside believe I’m good at, and what I want people to notice about me, and I write that down – without shame. The next day I read it again, and rewrite it to fit a Swedish standard. The day after that I rewrite it again, to fit an international standard, which means I humbly add a little to the mix. Again. And slowly I’m getting there. I hope.


I don’t want to go banging my own drum here, so instead it’s better I undermine myself!


We’ll see where we’ll end up, hopefully I’ll be done by the end of the summer, when I’m about to stand on my own two legs again in Thailand. 😉 I’m looking every day for inspiration from other translators or writers, or random people I find interesting, although I must admit my inspiration level has been extremely low since my return to Sweden. If that’s not a sign I don’t belong, I don’t know what is…. :)



My best colleague Jessica and me last summer – the best summer ever – at work!


Tonight I’m getting back on the boat I used to work until last year, and I’m going to work there for the summer. One week on, and one week off. I suspect the weeks off will be very short, though, they usually are, since I make sure I get plenty of extra time onboard during my free days.


If you don’t hear from me in a couple of days, don’t worry – I’m still here, but I might be swamped with work!

If anyone has any tips on how to raise my inspiration level – please share! I need it. Indeed. As T’ealc would say!

Ship o hoy, my fellow mates!