Do you shave? Really? Are you sure?

One regular day in Thailand, and I’m not talking about this one time at band camp, but rather this one time I went to a spa/beauty parlour to get some massage. And some other pampering, like waxing the eyebrows for instance. Thailand is a country where it’s so cheap to love yourself, so there’s absolutely no excuse for not!


After the massage another girl started the waxing, and soon she asked me if I also wanted her to remove my “mustache”. Why of course! OMG, was it that apparant? While she dealt with the fuss around my mouth, I noticed how she was kind of lifting up or pulling up my cheeks; she stretched the skin so it would be smoother, and easier to remove the wax. BUT STILL – she was pulling my cheeks, oh sorry, she was lifting up my saggy cheeks!


Is my skin so old and saggy nowadays one need to lift it and search amongst the layers?


When she was finished she glanced at my legs, and asked me if I wanted to wax them too. Fortunately I had just shaved my legs, so I could brag about being soft as a baby’s bum! “No, it’s ok, thank you, I shave.” I answered upon her horror. “Shave?? Oh…” She smiled apologetically, like she had done something wrong! In this case it would seem I was the one performing wrong and strange acts. “Really?” She looked baffled at me and as by force she reached out to touch one of my legs. I mumbled something about not liking waxing my legs, because it probably hurts like frack, or something similiar. The main reason, however is that beauty parlours in Sweden are expensive and I simply can’t be bothered messing about with hot wax at home on my own, so hence – the shaving! Much easier! She didn’t agree on the pain part, of course; her main reason being my hair was scarce and fine, or something similar. They should be, since I’d just shaved!


“So, you shave? Every day?” she asked me again. She just couldn’t get past the immense shock!


The woman is shaving – call the beauty police!!!



I returned home and while telling Oh the story I grabbed the opportunity to ask him if Thai girls didn’t shave. It’s a bit of a hassle to find razor blades for women in Thailand, so the thought had crossed my mind more than once. Oh’s answer was simple, like most of his answers:


“No, they don’t have!”


They don’t have? They don’t have what? Hair apparantly. Thai girls don’t have any hair growing on them in unappropriate places or body parts. RIGHT!


I’m ready to believe they probably have less growth of hair than me, or white women in general, but completely hairless, no I don’t buy it! What I do buy however, which is also a thought crossing my mind before, is that the Thai girls are very private and shy, and don’t really flaunt their personal disgusting hygiene stuff in a manner similar to ours. And now what I mean is the simple fact that we don’t try to hide for our boyfriends that we are human and actually have hair, or that we are human and actually have periods sometime now and then, or that we are human and actually sometimes smell pretty bad.


My conclusion is that Thai men rarely see their Thai women messing about with their hygiene, so they believe their women are odourless, hairless and naturally unnatural. Just perfect without even having to be bothered…


Thai women, as most Asians, are extreme hygiene fanatics – IN GENERAL! I remember back in the days during the 1900s (those were the days!), we shared rooms with Japanese girls while travelling in China. We hardly ever got to see the inside of the bath room, because it was constantly occupied with Japanese ladies soaking themselves in water – and maybe even doing such horrible things as shaving! What do I really know?


I hope the world isn’t such an unfair place so these lovely small creatures didn’t get any hair problem at all, and we got all of it, but I think the issue has such a simple explanation and that is the Thai people are lacking basic knowledge about their physiology. For example, one time (no, not at band camp) my boyfriend’s friend got furious when he found his girlfriend’s tampoons in the room, since he thought that was some kind of kinky sex toy! So I guess, human anatomy is not something they teach in school, or even talk about at home.


I also suppose this shaving thing might be a cultural thing – in Sweden we have the options of shaving, using hair removal cream, or wax. None of these are particularly strange, it’s just a matter of preference. When I was in Spain however, I noticed the women here didn’t seem to shave either, since I couldn’t find any razors or razor blades anywhere. Cream, though, I managed to find – everywhere. So my conclusion was that the Spaniards prefer hair removal cream.


The Thais? Well I don’t know what they prefer, because apparantly they don’t have any hair… at all!