The calm before the storm…


One day, while still in Thailand and still on Koh Samui, my fiancee and I went to Lamai, one of the more popular beaches.

Lamai was always my favourite

Lamai Beach/Had Lamai is the second biggest beach, just a step behind Chaweng. During my earliest trips to Thailand (during the 1990’s – OMG!!!) and Koh Samui, Lamai was my absolute favourite beach, much due to the quieter part. There was really just one bar worth visiting – Bauhaus – full of working Thai boys too eager to throw themselves into any holiday relationship presented to them.

Yes, I admit it, I like Thai boys, although I don’t promote buying them (or any other living human beings on our planet for that matter).

The point I’m trying to make here is: it’s not ok to buy another human being! Ever!

Lamai is still a bit calmer, I think, although I have to say you don’t see much calm in Thailand nowadays. Anywhere.

This particular day I had a craving for pizza (which is a craving I have a lot when I’m visiting rice eating countries), so I dragged Oh with me in search of a ”pizzeria” worthy of the name. We ended up in some schack which looked decent. Oh had the Spaghetti Carbonara, which he himself ordered. He’s not that much into western food, but pasta is gaining popularity. He hasn’t really eaten any other western food either; the only things I’ve forced him to try is pizza, pasta or Subway, because those are my own favourites. The first time he had Subway he looked at me puzzled, asking if ”my people” really liked this kind of food. So, not his favourite then…

Meanwhile back on the island, and the task at hand.

The pizza was ok, but it was no Campino pizza (a local pizzeria in my hometown, which has the best pizza in the world, without a doubt – IMO), but I hadn’t expected that either. Just getting some dough would satisfy my cravings…

Look to the right, look to the left – they’re all over, busying themselves with this sex commerce.

Then, all of a sudden, you look to the right, a little to the left, and down the road – they are every where. Every where. Young guys with Thai girls, older guys with Thai girls, fat old men with Thai girls… you name it.

While hunting for a decent picture to post on my blog, of a farang and a Thai I had to include Oh in my malicious plans; of course he wanted to know what was up – what I wanted to shoot. And since that moment when I included him it quickly became a bit of a sport, we were hunting for “victims” as soon as we stepped outside. He was even actively looking and finding those “horrible” white men pointing them out. To me I mean, not publicly. I don’t like to publicly humiliate people, I’m not that cruel. I don’t like humiliating people period, although I do like to criticise. This sport was a lot of fun. For us. Back in the days… The days I’m now missing too much.

Although I do like to criticise this behaviour I do realise the truth is not always as easy as I’m trying to make it. Moral and ethical dilemmas rarely are…

So, my story about the sex tourism in Thailand will continue on my blog, it’s just a warning. Keep your eyes open and prepare for a looooong ride, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject, too. My fellow Swedish mates are not so talkative on the subject (or not so talkative period). This “going to Thailand to buy a woman” is a very fast growing in popularity type of “thing” in Sweden, and I know plenty of Swedish men doing this – because they can.

Of course later on I will also cover the story about the relationship I’m actually having myself – Thai boy & farang girl. Some of these relationships are not healthy either, and to be completely honest, there have been times I’ve wondered about my own too, although those times are thankfully getting rarer and rarer. We have now spent so much time together I know him, inside and out, and while this might have started out as a regular holiday fling, it’s not anymore. However, I will cover these relationships later on in the series.

I can’t really spare myself while criticising others, can I?

Look into your souls, readers – is this behaviour ok or is it not? And by behaviour I mean going to Thailand with one thing in mind – to get a girl – any girl, as long as she can be bought!

What could possibly be the reasons for making it ok and where is the limit?