The Future is ours… although already decided!


My absolute favourite tv-series are “Stargate SG1” and “Stargate Atlantis”. I’m a sucker for sci-fi – without exaggeration, and I devour everything coming my way; only the slightest connection to anything “unnatural” or supernatural or simply any old science fiction makes me fuzzy.

“Stargate SG1” was a pioneer in many ways and aired for 10 years. The end was nearing quicker and quicker when Richard Dean Anderson unfortunately quit the show.

The wraith takes my breath away!

“Stargate Atlantis” is – IMO – better in many respects; the characters in the show are more well thought and the enemy “the Wraith” is a personal favourite. There are no hotter aliens anywhere, although not always beautiful to look upon, they certainly have something special.

Anyhooo, this wasn’t supposed to be an euology or worship of any kind for Stargate but my intention was to tell you about my absolute favourite episode of “Stargate SG1”, and why it’s my favourite. Its name is short and simply “2010” and aired in season 4.


The episode is about the future, 10 years in the future. What’s now history for us was portrayed as a clean society which we’d had help to build from one of the worlds SG1 constantly visits. Everything is clinically clean, but as usual when everything’s that clean in sci-fi something’s wrong underneath the surface; something so wrong this is not an utopia to wish for the future.

In “2010” the people or race called the Aschen has helped the Earth people develop, since they themselves were so far ahead. Stupid like we, humans are, we invited them in – unconditionally, which resulted in us loosing control of the whole society. The Aschen had cures and vaccines for every known human disease, and now the humans lived very long and healthy lives.

The Aschen ruled everything in 2010, and gave the illusion that everything was equal, while they in fact had given the humans a vaccine reducing our fertility; with time the human race were to die out.

The reason I love this episode is because I love sci-fi, which I already mentioned. But also because I like the idea of changing your past, in the way SG1 do in the end. They send a message; a hand written note (interestingly Daniel pronounces the classical phrase: “I wrote it in my own handwriting, so I’d recognise it!” Often you write something in someone else’s handwriting…), through the wormhole of an awfully guarded Stargate. The note begs the SGC to not visit the Aschen homeworld.

And this could’ve been the end,  but another hint that it’s NOT that easy to change your future or destiny comes in the episode “2001”, which was released in season five.

In this episode SG1 has just returned from a mission where they met the Aschen people. The Aschen people however, didn’t want to divulge their homeworld’s whereabouts, probably because they knew SG1 had tried to change the past by sending the note in 2010.

I know, completely mind boggling!

Just in time, but not without sacrificing the man who were to become Sam’s husband, they discovered who the Aschen really was and that their homeworld was the world they were warned about on the note which came flying through the Stargate.

I can watch “2010” & “2001” over and over, just because they deal with questions I’m fascinated by, questions about destiny for instance.

I controversially believe that all humans have a destiny to fulfill and you cannot hide from it.

The controversial part in my thinking however, is that you cannot sit quietly on your arse waiting for your destiny to come through, but you have to fulfill your destiny, you have to make it happen yourself. While I at the same time believe you can’t run from your destiny. The questions you’ve chosen for yourself to deal with in this lifetime you’ll bring with you to your next life if you don’t deal with them now.

This can be considered strange and contradictory; you have a destiny, but in order to make your destiny come through you have to actively make it happen. If it doesn’t then maybe that’s your destiny – to not fully fulfill your potential. Messy, right?

What do you believe? Is your destiny something already decided or is it up to each and everyone of us to change it? To build our path as we go?