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It’s been a while since I wrote something worthwhile about Thailand, I guess… So here’s a little shout out about an amazing place you should visit. If you’re to believe all the pictures that is. 🙂


I’m a regular reader of a Swedish blog written by Foki – a Thai girl who as a little girl came to Sweden with her mom. Now she’s living in Bangkok with her Swedish boyfriend Ricki, supporting both herself and him as a blogger, designer and entrepreneur. I read her blog in search of exciting, inspiring stuff to do in Bangkok and to see Ricki’s amazing photos – he’s a very talented photographer.


In April she wrote a post about Asiatique, and by her pictures I judge it to be an amazing place. I’ve totally missed out of this magic, but I’ve missed out on plenty in Bangkok, so if any of you, my readers, have any ideas or tips for me to do in this big wonderful city, you’re more than welcome to give me a hint on anything exciting to do in my future hometown. I’m into everything – except buying love, obviously! 😉




You’ll find Asiatique along the river Chao Phraya, on Charoen Krung Road. There are thorough descriptions on how to get there on their website. The location of Asiatique is what gives the special atmosphere, IMO. But as stated, I haven’t been there yet…


What is Asiatique?

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I’d like to call it some kind of an outdoor mall, where they also keep amusement rides – Asian style. It seems you can get everything here; clothing shops, restaurants, bars, etc. I do imagine what you find is of the more exclusive kind though, or that’s at least what it looks like on the pictures.


Google Asiatique and you’ll find lots of gorgeous pictures from this magical place. They also have a Facebook-page with lots of photos.


Anyone of you who’s already been there? Was it pure magic or what’s your verdict?