Perfect Sunday

This post was first published in Swedish on my Swedish blog.

Yesterday I took Linn to Asia Spa – a completely lovely spa on the top floor at Varbergs Stadshotell (Best Western). I’ve always loved this spa since the opening in 2001, of course, but while I was a regular customer back in the days I haven’t been there in about 10 years I think.
Asia Spa is all in my taste – elegantly Asian… if we’re to bunch it all together, a thing I obviously hate. 😉
The style was in the beginning more Japanese, and so were the treatments, but now they have plenty of Ayurveda, which is Indian, and there are several treatments from this category as well. I prefer the Japanese style, of course, but all well-being is great, so I’m not complaining at all!
They also have classes with Yoga, meditation, Qi Gong etc. Check out their website!
I’ve felt a long over due need for this rush a spa actually provides; my head is not well and I have migraines almost every day, so now for Linn’s sweet sixteen the opportunity felt right.
We started the adventure with a brunch on the ground floor.


The brunch was really delicious; the water incredibly fresh and tasty! 😉 The panacotta was a favourite – my kind of sweetness!



After brunch we bathed in the pools. We started out in the big one, which wasn’t there back in the days, the so called “Vitality pool”. There were plenty of massage stations in this one, and it was absolutely wonderful.


IMG_1460The pool was amazing! Next time we’ll bring our real cameras!


In this pool you’re only supposed to stay 30 minutes at a time, and we behaved exemplary naturally. We continued on to the 40 degrees hot pool, the only one I remembered. The room is calm, cool and quiet – the enormous windows are usually all open and the view is magical – our fortress is really majestic where it sits right in front of you!


In the end of the stay we each had a treatment booked: Linn treated herself to an Abhyanga Luxury – a facial treatment including massage, and I had a Wenleu/Genki – a head/facial massage, including hand and foot massage.
We were two completely new people exiting our Asian oasis. 

I can really recommend Asia Spa – it’s simply amazing! If you have a visit in Varberg, Sweden planned this is an absolute must!