This post was first published in Swedish on my Swedish blog.

I haven’t been particularly active on the blog lately, as you might’ve noticed, and there are natural causes for this, and honestly I couldn’t have been bothered about anything around me.


Since I came back to Sweden in March, everything’s been kind of downhill. I haven’t been feeling well at all, and there haven’t been anything to write about, since it’s hard to find the words when all you want to do is throw up all over. Besides I don’t think you’d want to read anything I might’ve written during this period after all.


Now I’m getting better, at least that’s what it feels like, and I’m slowly starting to find my spark again, although it’s more of a roller coaster ride than anything. :S


A big part of my recovery was the trip I made to celebrate my HUGE birthday; the trip to Iceland.


I was googling health trips, spa trips – anything which might help me return my spunk. I just wanted to relax. I was somewhat interested in the Baltic countries (screaming CHEAP!!!), when I stumbled onto a website also selling trips to Iceland.


Of course that’s where I should go!


However, it took some time before I made the arrangements, and of course I didn’t book through the website giving me the inspiration, since I’m not all that into strange group stuff. The question at hand was really: Should I really? Could I selfishly indulge myself in something I yearned for, when I have a fiancee waiting for me in Thailand?


I decided I needed this to get back on track in my psyche, so I booked the trip and finally the day was here.


Best thing I’ve done in a long time. Now I do feel as if there is a dawn in the horizon, needless to say it is far, far away, but before I made the trip to Iceland it wasn’t even there. So I’m making progress, and so is my writing, blogging and business. Or so I hope.


The dream is there right in front of me, all I have to do is just reach it…