Photo of the week – Tora, my lovely kitten

While my life is more and more centred around photography, I thought a new photo category could be in order. In “Photo of the week” I’m planning to post photos, which one way or another symbolise my past week, or simply my life in general.

My thought here is that this new category also will inspire me to take up on my blogging again. We’ll see, said the blind man to the deaf.


My first “Photo of the week”:


Tora is one of the three kittens born in our home this summer. Flora (mummy cat) simply moved in one day, but it took almost 2 weeks before we let her enter our home for the first time, and that was when the babies arrived. Gustaf wasn’t particularly thrilled about having womenfolk around him, but he didn’t take any actions to chase her away either.

Now it’s been almost 3 weeks since Tora left us for Flora’s childhood home (a home she seems to have forgotten exists at all), so the only ones left now are the boys Milo and Miso. And their mummy of course. And Gustaf. So four cats in Gökås once more.

Tora was the wildest of them all, although she was the smallest and almost looked like a mouse at birth. We all miss her terribly and hope she’ll drop by for a visit one of these days, but until then I guess I’ll have to make do with my photos. You’ll probably get to see some more photos of the baby times coming up…



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