Another year over, say goodbye to 2013, pt 1


Here is my story of 2013:


  • Started the year in an easy going pace in the village of Ta Chong somewhere in Buriram. Celebrated the new year like a real Thai – for real.
  • Realised I was living exactly the life I wanted to, and that is an enormously liberating feeling, which I really hope I will experience again.
  • Visited Ao Nang with Oh, Lina and Tobbe. Felt incredibly disappointed about the place, plus Oh and I fell ill!
  • Entered Blogg100 with my Swedish blog, organised by Fredrik Wass, just to get my blogging some turbo mode, and I almost made it… all the way!

IMG_2996Wonderful Phanom Rung in Buriram, where I could spend days pondering, had I been allowed… 🙂 


  • Used Instagram for the first time, even though I’d had the account for a long time. Now I’m hooked, fracking hey!
  • Bought a new MacBook Pro with a Thai keyboard.
  • Oh and I celebrated our 3-year anniversary.

IMG_1193My 1st Instagram pic: a photo of the rain outside our new home in Bo Phut.



  • Visited Oh’s aunt in Korat (Nakhon Ratchasima) and realised it’s probably the hottest and stuffiest place on Earth! Like dead seals we lay!
  • Saw Paisha for the last time, now she’s gone – R.I.P!
  • Paid a visit to Bangkok Zoo without having charged my camera battery… Horrible experience to be without a camera! 😉
  • Returned to Sweden with a somewhat sullen look, but it was great to see the family again.
  • A new cat had moved in (a cat who had no home), who later got the name Gustaf (Garfield).

IMG_4708Paisha, one of the sweetest dogs in the world, who completely adored me! ❤



  • Gustaf and I became best friends.
  • I dropped out of Blogg100 with just a few days left to the finish line.
  • I started working for Stena Line again.

Today Gustaf feels safe and contentedly purrs in my bed – his favourite place.

to be continued…