Another year over, say goodbye to 2013, pt 2


The story of 2013 continues…


  • Realised I’m “way over my head” with everything in life, but didn’t have a clue how bad it was going to become. Didn’t do much more than working my weeks and was half dead my weeks off.
  • Had big plans about how my spring and summer in Sweden was going to be like, but so far I haven’t been able to realise my plans – at all. 

During the MES-training on Stena Nautica I was the photographer, and it seems to have been the highlight for me during the month of May, because I didn’t shoot anything else that month… :S


  • My baby troll Linn finished 9th grade, and kid brother troll Liam finished 4th grade. Both my trolls are grown up!

IMG_5451-2-BW IMG_5455


  • Big party at Majas vid Havet in Varberg, celebrating a good friend I hadn’t seen in 15 years. Wonderfully lovely to see her again, although it was short.
  • Had a huge photo session with Melvin, my kid brother Tony’s baby boy.
  • Celebrated dad’s birthday with bbq.


My dad. Photo courtesy of Linn Bank.


  • Celebrated Linn’s sweet sixteen with a visit to Asia Spa, which was really well deserved!
  • A pregnant cat moved in and soon we had 3 of the most adorable kittens you can imagine: Tora (who apparantly now answers to the name of Zlatan, since the people who now own her believes she’s a he!), Milo and Miso.
  • Met my best friend Pernilla and it turned into a crying party.
  • Stopped working on Stena Nautica, but did not promise to never return. 😉


Flora with the kids Tora, Milo and Miso.

to be continued…