Photo of the Week, w2


This Photo of the Week is an old photo of my fiancé Oh and his grandmother Nuu, who raised him as her own. At the moment they are suffering a really hard time, as grandmother is very ill, and I wish I was there to help, at least by being there for them both.

I think this photo is really sweet, but it’s incredibly lousy quality of course, and I’ve taken a digital image of a framed photo back in Buriram. The photo above is my try to edit, or recreate the photo.

I chose to make it black and white, because I love black and white photos, and since I got SilverEfex I’ve realised there’s an incredibly large world out there with loads of black and white motifs waiting to be discovered. It’s not a wow-image, but I did my best with what I had. You can view the original below.

Mata ne!