2014 – the year of the future is here!



Now the year is finally here, the year I’ve always thought of as “the future”. 2014 has always sounded very futuristic to me.

Now it’s here… What will this year be like? What will it bring; the good and the bad?

There is something magical about 2014 for me, I don’t know what, cannot put my finger on it, but it is something. I might understand what when I’m sitting here (no, in Thailand) in about a year. With all the knowledge and wisdom only hindsight bring.

I’m glad it’s over…

2013 was only a kind of year-in-between, the year which came after the year where we expected the doom of the world. According to those who couldn’t read the Maya calendar right. 😉 2013 was just a pause. Now is the time when everything starts, where everything begins, so I’ve chosen to make some sacred promises to myself. Usually I don’t make any New Year’s resolutions, because I have zero strength in character and I break them the first thing I do in the morning when I wake up and it says 1/1 on the calendar. But this year, here and now, I’ve managed to think about some well chosen words and promises.


Here we go:

  • Take at least 1 photo a day during 1 year, like a 365-project. Instagram it!
  • Set aside more time to write.
  • Set aside more time to do things which makes me feel good.
  • Make sure I can provide for myself on my business when autumn’s here.
  • Live more healthy (= eat better food, don’t drink so fracking much coke, and move your ass, goddammit!!)
  • Be my best self!

With these words I wish you a wonderful 2014 and I hope you are as eager as I to enter this year of the future!


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