Suddenly it just happens – you find what you’ve been looking for all of your life. Kind of.

On Christmas Eve last year in my sister’s home, I was experimenting with my flash (Speedlite), which came for free with my camera Canon EOS 6D when I bought it. I’ve never liked shooting with flash, because I don’t know how to use it properly. My photos turn out really shitty with flash.

But by accident I discovered “The Flash”, and now I’m hooked. With the right flash settings the photos will turn out stunning!

Judge for yourselves:


In the first photo of Linus I had to turn up the ISO to 1000, and even though the aperture was as wide as 1.8 the shutter speed was far too long – 1/10, and a dog is not standing particularly still on the spot just to pose for you, so the result was crappy. Furthermore it was way too yellow, but that’s a minor problem since you can post edit this in Lightroom.

In the second photo I used the flash, and was able to lower the ISO to 200 (which is what I mostly use), and shorten the shutter speed to 1/125. However, this photo didn’t reach the amazing level either; I realised it was quite a task photographing a black dog!

So, I won’t be taking anymore shots indoors without my flash, but I realise there’s a complete encyclopedia of how to get exactly the right amount of light, and I need to practice, but practice makes perfect, right?

Anyone’s got any tips for me – newbie with a flash? Please feel free to comment.