Photo of the Week, w4

This week I’ve been completely tied up at work, but I managed to get some practice within night photography. It’s a bit tricky with the autofocus, though, since it’s hard for the camera to find the focus point, being completely dark and all, and it’s also hard for the eye (well, at least for my broken eye) to see properly in the LCD-screen. Practice makes perfect and I have a long way to go, but it’s a road I happily travel!

My project this time was Värö Bruk, a pulp mill in the outskirts of Varberg, which I’ve wanted to photograph since forever, because it looks so dramatic and there are plenty of lights. I’m fascinated by factories and other buildings which give you the impression they are destroying Earth, and the drama you can create through these impressions. I thought the lights turned out okey, when I used aperture 22, because they made stars. Apart from that I’m not particularly satisfied with the photo, but, and it has been said before – practice makes perfect! Next time I’ll find another spot (this one I’ve decided years ago), where you can get closer.



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