Photo of the Week – Fushimi Inari Taisha


Exactly 5 years ago, in the beginning of February 2009, I was visiting the country I’d longed for and felt a special attraction to all of my life – Japan.

I was planning to study Japanese for 3 months in Kyoto, and I had chosen Kyoto because of its historic richness.

However, things didn’t turn out they way I had planned, for different reasons, and I was horribly disappointed of Japan.


Probably because I’d expected to see samurais running around in the streets waving their swords in my face.


I got to see and experience incredibly much anyway, and the period I spent in Kyoto is one of the times in my life I’ve felt truly happy.


My great hero and sensei Miyamoto Musashi left a lot of foot steps in Kyoto, which I happily tried to walk in.


My picture of the week is taken at the classic sight of Fushimi Inari in Kyoto.


Today I’ve washed away my disappointments of Japan, and I long for the next time I have the pleasure of setting foot in the country, and sure hope it’s in a near future.