Travel apps

There are too many travelling apps for iPhone, and I’ve decided to try out some of them. I’ll give each one 2 weeks to thrill me, and while I’m not travelling particularly much atm, I will see if it’s possible to register trips retrospectively (is that a word?). I have no idea if that’s even possible.

The main points I’ll be focusing on are: 

  • How simple is it to use?
  • What are its functions?
  • Which functions is it lacking?
  • Does it really make my travelling easier?
  • Can I sync it?
  • How much is it?

We’ll see, maybe some other questions will arise, but atm these are my main concerns.

I’d also like to point out that this is my own initiative, so I’m not getting sponsored or anything. I will post my own opinions and no one elses.

I will start with: Travelog and Everplaces.