“Mysigt på Asaitique, Bangkok, Thailand” was first published on my Swedish Blog.


Since my arrival I’ve celebrated my birthday: 41! Yatta! When I was about to turn 30 I went through a huge age related crisis, but as 40 drew closer it didn’t feel too bad at all, and now having passed the magic number, I just feel awesome, as if life itself is just getting better and better.

There’s a slight possibility it has something to do with the new special spice added to my life, which has changed me in every way, making me glow, but I believe it’s got more to do with the fact I’m more comfortable within my own skin, my age, my body, my brains, well, the whole package as a matter of fact; I enjoy being me. A new and an incredible feeling!


How could I top last year’s 40th birthday – Blue Lagoon on Iceland?


I didn’t really do anything special for my birthday, except pampering myself to the maximum of course; I had a thai massage, manicure and pedicure, and a foot scrub as well – so now, my feet are as soft as a piggie’s bottom!


In the evening I took a taxi to Asiatique.


Asiatique – when, where, how?




Asiatique is located down by the riverside, and besides being an outdoors shopping mall there is also a huge Ferris wheel, some other rides and some go carts.




It was incredibly nice. I’d expected expensive boutiques, and high end restaurants, but oh no, that was not the case. Of course you’ll find up scale places, but there were also cheaper alternatives as well.

For the hungry monster (me!) there was a Food Court, where you could have your pick out of plenty of different restaurants serving food from all over the world for a decent price, or at least a price tag which a tourist in Thailand is more or less used to.




Samosas – nooooooo, solly, finissss!


This honourable day I decided to have indian food, which was a while ago. But to my disappointment they didn’t serve my absolute favourite dish Aloo Gobi, so I chose Mushroom Mattar instead. MOREOVER the Samosas were sold out! How could the best thing they offer on the menu be sold out, I pondered in my messy head!


Romantic promenade


After my dinner I strolled along, watching the views and shot a few photographs.

At the end of the boardwalk you can take a stroll, getting cosy and snuggly with your loved one – for Asian people they were pretty open with their loved ones out there, plenty of kissing and cuddling.

But I guess that’s nice in a way. People in love wanting to share their love with the whole world. Lovely. Just to bad I want to share mine as well… but no can do!




Asiatique is a really lovely place and breathes its own kind of feeling of quiet and peace, in spite there being people high and low.


I enjoyed the atmosphere, it felt new in a way, but also old and familiar. The theme is cool. I intend to go there next time in Bangkok, as well, but that time I’ll take the river boats. I want to explore Bangkok’s river boats a little bit better. Cheaper and cosier, if you’re into water rally!




You can easily take a taxi from Khao San Road, if that’s where you’re staying, although you have to pay a steep price, because it’s quite a distance. I payed 300 baht one way, and that was of course “the farang over charge especially for you”-price, but sometimes I just can’t be bothered the hassle. The river boats seem to cost anything between free – 40 baht, which is a very reasonable price.


I’m not, as you might’ve noticed before, that much into selfies, so therefore you have to make do with these regular photos instead. Enjoy!