During my “stay at home in Sweden”-period, a couple more exclusive spa’s have opened up in Fisherman’s Village, Koh Samui. The one I wish to tell you about now is called “Spa Sakura”, and IMO it’s the absolute best spa in Fisherman’s Village (and one of the most expensive ^.^). During my stay on Koh Samui this October, I was an avid customer at this spa, and I can give it my highest recommendations to all of you who are close by!

Spa Sakura is owned by a french family and the daughter – which is the family member I’ve had most dealings with – is very friendly and helpful.





Visit 1: the plan was a pedicure & possibly a foot scrub, but I ended up choosing the “Beauty Package”

For my first visit I had just planned a simple pedicure, and possibly a foot scrub too, but the daughter tempted me with some more, of course. I fell for a package deal: “Beauty Package”; foot scrub, pedidure, manicure, and head, shoulder and neckmassage. 1200 Baht, minus the 10% discount, available at the time.

I chose Gelish for the hands, and regular nail polish for the feet. I thought it unnecessary to put Gelish on the feet, just in case I wasn’t fully satisfied. I’ve not been totally sold on the whole trend idea of gel polish. Sure, they stay on for weeks – convenient. But, I don’t know if I want the same polish for weeks. Isn’t the whole idea of nail polish to change colours often? Besides, what if it looses its shine? Gets shabby? No, I’ve never felt inclined to try, before this time.




I found a really cool blue polish with lots of glitter (I simply just hate matt polishes!) for the Gelish premiere and a really bright pink polish for my feet. This would be great.

And everything was great. One lady boy taking care of my feet and one woman who first gave me a massage – wonderful, and after the massage she took care of my hands. It was really relaxing to be pampered by two lovely ladies at the same time. I also have to mention the easy chair was really comfortable.

I read a review on Foursquare about the pedicure being both painful and uncomfortable, and so on and so forth, but for me it was sheer pleasure from beginning to end. They were both very gentle and handled  me with soft, delicate hands.

I was happy with both my hands and feet and I paid the hefty bill of 1080 Baht with a smile. The polish on my feet stayed on for more than 3 weeks, and when I got a new pedicure in Bangkok it still hadn’t started to flake. The Gelish on my hands stayed on pretty well, too. On 2 of my fingers the polish flaked after about 2 weeks, while on the rest of my fingers it stayed pretty much intact.

I have to say I was very satisfied with the Gelish, because it didn’t dull in shine, it looked fresh and newly applied until I removed it. Fantastic quality! So I will definitely use gelpolish from now on.


IMG_3826The result on my hands and feet!


Visit 2: full body massage 90 min

On my next visit to Spa Sakura I wanted to try the 90 minutes full body massage. It was also pretty high range – 900 Baht. Spa Sakura gives a very serious impression, so I was curious if the massage too, was high class.

Many spa’s in Thailand are unreliable (IMO), some more than others, of course. Sometimes I’ve found myself getting kneaded and/or treated by women totally indifferent to what they’re doing and some were even flat out ignorant too, doing more harm than good. This is not the case in Spa Sakura. You can easily tell they have certified masseuses, or therapists, and I don’t know about you, but I’d be more than happy to pay a little extra for good quality.


20141020_098-4In Spa Sakura all treatments start with a foot scrub with salt. Fantastic! 

They do the treatments on the top floor. My therapist handed me a small package, kind of looked like a tiny ball. She asked me to take off my clothes, including underwear. “Put these on!” Might it be disposable underwear? Oh, yes, she answered my question with blushing cheeks.


IMG_3912my disposable underwear!

The massage was fantastic. I could easily tell she’d had training. This time, too, I left the spa more than pleased after having payed my bill with another smile.



Visit 3: Foot & Head reflexology massage 90 min

For those of you, who don’t know, I have a whiplash injury since almost 14 years back. This injury has created plenty of different headaches for me; tension headache for one and migraine every other day for another. So, I love head massages in all their forms and simply to visit a hairdresser abroad is sheer pleasure for me, since they always take the time to massage your head thoroughly while washing your hair.


I might add, for those of you who aren’t Swedish – in Sweden they don’t give you a head massage while washing your hair! The only country I’ve noticed where they don’t!


Usually I find it troublesome to find head massages, so when I found this package deal I simply had to jump on it. It was amazing! I can really recommend this package!




Visit 4 – my last visit: “Thai Passion Package”

– back, shoulder and neck massage, and massage with hot compresses, foot massage. Also included was a facial massage, but I was allowed to swap it for a head massage.

You can, if you wish, swap one treatment for another, included in the package deals. This is great service. As you might know, I have some problems with facial treatments since a couple of years back, and well, even if this problem now somehow has passed… surely, it might… I didn’t feel that  inclined to give it a try, so I simply avoided the issue by getting a head massage instead of a facial!

This time I had my own lovely treatment room, with such an amazing view over the beach, with huge windows. This time, too, I was handed disposable underwear, and I quite like this simple gesture. I’ve also managed to find a spa close to Khao San Road in Bangkok (Shewa Spa), which hands out disposable underwear. I like it because you don’t have to get oil all over your own underwear, and also because I would feel unpleasantly uncomfortable lying there all naked and… yikes.




When I saw the massage table I smiled – a completely regular massage table with a hole for the head/face. In Thai massage you’re just lying flat on a mattress with a regular pillow under your head, which hurts my neck quite a bit due to the strain of having your head turned to either way.

The massage was fantastic, and this time, too, I could tell she knew what she was doing. The warm/hot compresses felt relaxing and as if they untied many of my evil muscle knots in my back.

Lastly: head massage with oil. All my knots in the back of my head got untangled. Wonderful. I felt like a completely new person afterwards.


Head massage is totally underrated.




I have to admit it felt a tad sad to leave Koh Samui, and the possibility to daily visit Spa Sakura. I suspect I won’t be going back to the island in any near future, and it’s always a bit sad when you find this great spot and you won’t be able to revisit soon.

For all of you who are lucky to visit Koh Samui – pay a visit to Spa Sakura – you won’t regret it. Not even a little…