Another year over, say goodbye to 2014, pt 1


Well, well, another year over and this is my summary of 2014, which thanks to the latter part of the year was one of my best year, actually. 2014 – the year following one incredibly empty 2013.


So, what ever happened during this last year?

  • I decided to end my longtime long distance relationship with Oh in Thailand.
  • I realised I don’t really want to live abroad, but I want to travel enormously, so I gave up my plans of moving to Thailand, and decided to find me a home here. Without feeling any resentment over my decision, but on the contrary – feeling joy.
  • I met THE MAN, and so many pieces of the non-fitting of the puzzle suddenly fit! I regained my joy for life and started to hang out with my friends again. Finally.


How did last year’s resolutions go?

  • Take at least 1 photo a day during 1 year, like a 365-project. Instagram it! I made it about half the year, but as I returned to working onboard with sporadic internet, my devotion fell as surely as a house of cards. 
  • Set aside more time to write. No, that didn’t really work out, not really no. 
  • Set aside more time to do things which makes me feel good. This is something I absolutely have followed through, and as a result I feel much better now. Or if it’s simply a result of someone else I’m not really sure… 
  • Make sure I can provide for myself on my business when autumn’s here. This was a resolution I made because I wanted to move from Sweden, but I haven’t really worked that hard for it. However, things have started to work out by themselves without anything I did, which is awesome.
  • Live more healthy (= eat better food, don’t drink so fracking much coke, and move your ass, goddammit!!) This is something I managed to do quite well during the year. This summer I turned vegetarian, this autumn I quit drinking coke (now my coke habits are more sporadic than obsessive) and as a result I’ve lost 7 kg! I’ve bought a bike and have actually used it to and from work a couple of times, but I don’t really move around too much.  
  • Be my best self! This is something I always strive for. Always be my best me and always choose the best way to go, even if it’s the hardest one! I have to admit I didn’t always go with this choice during 2014, but I was more aware about the question.


Month by month of the year 2014…



  • The year started out pretty dull – just like my heart and my mind – nothing was ok.
  • I made my New Year Resolutions (above).
  • I started a “One photo a day” challenge on Instagram, which I managed to keep alive quite many days, although not all the way…
  • I once again started working at JobCenter – Stena Line’s manning centre, and I enjoyed it. Unfortunately I noticed pretty quickly my broken neck didn’t like quite that much so the whole spring was characterised by ridiculously many sick days.


januari-IMG_2033My cat boys, the brothers Milo & Miso, who got the honour of becoming my best Instagram photo 2013.



  • Don’t remember one iota about this month.
  • It was dark when I left home for work and it was dark when I came home.


20140202_059-7A winter day on the country side: Gökås, Trönninge. My home at my mother’s place.



  • Neither do I remember another iota about this month…



20140315_063-39The lambs born in January played in the beautiful spring weather.



  • My beloved Gustaf disappeared for 2 weeks. I had to pick him up, broken and lifeless from the motor way and buried him in our grave for our fourlegged friends who no longer are with us. He left a gigantic empty hole in my heart.




IMG_2766Here rests Gustaf… 



  • I was completely stressed out about all things I’d left in Thailand which needed to be dealt with… and to be finished.


20140504_073-40-4My handsome Milo.




  • The last month working at the office. Sad, but I also looked forward getting back to life onboard.
  • There was a strike for about a month, which meant I had to take my mother’s car to work every day and because of this I finally got to visit Ölmevalla church and get a photograph. The church is however, much more beautiful in sunset.




to be continued…