This year I decided to, once again, join the Swedish blog challenge “Blogg100”. In 2013 I joined, and almost made it all the way through; and even if I didn’t quite finish, it still gave me heaps of new inspiration!

So I thought this could be the perfect challenge for me right now. 

My blogs have been extremely quiet the last couple of years, and it’s because I’ve moved back to Sweden and kind of lost my reason to blog, my main focus was after all my new life in Thailand.

Whatever was I to blog about, if not my life as a farang in Thailand?

Hopefully after this challenge I’ve found a new angle, I don’t know, we’ll see.

I decided to join only with my Swedish blog, joining with both (even if this is a mere translation), would be too much. Maybe next year… But hopefully it doesn’t mean I’ll completely forget about this one, hopefully it means I’ll get more ideas, and blog here at least a couple of times per month.

I feel life is returning to me, and I hope this time it will stay, because I’m ready for it!

Over & Out!