The charter trip to Side, Turkey

“Side, Turkiet – på charterresa” was first published on my Swedish Blog.



So, I ended up in Side, Turkey, on a charter trip, and those of you who know me know I’m not exactly the charter travelling type, but well, I wanted a cheap holiday and I did choose a destination with plenty of culture – according to my understanding googling back home.


Side is full of old ruins and ancient culture


Side has got an enormously rich culture and is full of ruins, which I simply love and thus far it’s paradise. The Greeks left tons of coziness for me.


fati camiThe mosque Fatih Cami


The temple of Apollo in all its pride, and I sincerely doubt it was even close to this mighty in its prime… just another one in a million… Completely magical place where I spent an awful amount of time just pondering.



Side, the name itself in its original Greek form means Pomegranate, one of my favourite fruits actually, but I haven’t had the luck running into any of those yet. Apart from the one tree in my hotel garden, but no freshly squeezed pomegranate juice, which is purely heaven! Oh no, it’s apparently just season for orange juice (?)! 




Both Greek and Romans settled here building amazing monuments, and those still around today, if only in ruins, were built as early as in 100 AD, which means they are 2000 years old! It’s completely baffling when you start pondering.


Walking around something this old… it’s hard to grasp and you feel both small and mighty at the same time. A rather inexpressible feeling.



side gateThe gate to the old city and harbour, which today is filled with tourist shops and gaudy trinkets in each and every corner, along with restaurants offering international food and few turkish dishes.


The city of today was founded by Turkisk muslims who fled Crete, as late as in the 19th century, and they named it Selimiye. Today it’s a popular destination for tourists, completely packed with Swedes, Germans and random Europeans on charter trips.



I definitely like Side. The only thing bothering me a bit is it’s hard to find anything authentic here, and it’s a shame, really. Still, I didn’t expect to find authenticity in all honesty either… But, I’m off, just now, on a mission to find an area where tourism hasn’t put its large, clumpsy feet yet. Let’s see how that goes… 🙂