Tonstad, Sirdal, Norway with my family

A couple of weeks ago I went on a mini vacation with my family; we visited my bonus mom’s sister and family in Tonstad, Norway. For me it was extra exciting, since I hadn’t been in Norway since my oldest kid brother was about a year old – so, basically in 30 years! I dreamt vividly about all the amazing photos I was going to capture… AND hang out with my family of course 😉

Meanwhile back at the cabin in the alps – no electricity and no water and no normal toilet! The only thing bothering me with the 3 “no’s” was I couldn’t upload any photos from my trip to my Instagram, besides that I didn’t mind. For a short period, I might add, since I’m an electricity freak and helplessly addicted to my computer!

20160807-IMG_5564-WEBThe view from “hytta” (=cabin) and the tent where bonus mom and bonus aunt slept… 🙂

Because of the bad weather (rain and freezing cold basically all the time) there wasn’t much sight seeing to talk about, so I’m hoping to return another time, well maybe not letting it take another 30 years then… 😉 to take some really nice photos.