Waterfalls, Victoria Falls and a swimming pool

“Vattenfall, Victoria Falls och en swimmingpool” was first published on my Swedish Blog.


victoria falls


For those of you who don’t know me – inside and out – I love waterfalls. There is just not anything quite as wonderful in the whole world, not even cats! Sorry, my sweeties…


So, when I was offered to visit Victoria Falls in the middle of my do-good-vacation, I simply couldn’t miss out.


In all honesty, I was in huge need of a real vacation too, at least that’s what my body kept telling me. I’d thrown myself from the chaos of my own brain and a totally stressed out soul, into some really heavy manual work, so well, yes please – I longed for some days just chilling by the poolside.


Now, the reality didn’t at all turn out like my silly dream… due to the bad weather, the rain was pouring most of the time.


Victoria Falls – Mosi-oa-Tunya (“The smoke that thunders” on original Tonga language) – are the widest in the world. There are several ways in measuring waterfalls, and the Victoria Falls är neither the highest, nor the largest, but they are the widest.

Today there is a small touristy town just by the falls, and the people do their best to satisfy your every need. Just like everywhere in Zimbabwe, it’s rather expensive, expensive for a country which doesn’t have any money!


I, of course, bought some old bills, just to get the feeling of being a billionaire! 😀


zimbabwe dollar


The inflation and the money situation in Zimbabwe is incredibly tragic, but I won’t delve into that topic here. That’s a tad more political than I’d want to get right now.


victoria fallsThe view from my absolute favourite restaurant in Victoria Falls – The Lookout CaféI spent some time here during my short visit, and had the tastiest and freshest breakfast I’d had for a long time. 

lookout café

While there, you could spend your hours watching the Gorge Swing, or the Zip Line. If blessed with a hawk eye, you could see the Bungy Jumpers jumping off the bridge right there – in the background on the photo. However, I was more interested in the relaxing surroundings and the beautiful nature.

The visit/visits to Victoria Falls National Park.


The first time I paid the hefty entrance fee of usd 30 was approximately 1 hour before closing on my first day. It was raining and foggy and I suspected the photos would turn out crappy, but I still wanted to see the miracle.


As I thought – the “fog” was everywhere, although it wasn’t fog, but steam from the falls! The sight really gave meaning to its name: “The smoke that thunders”.



I also paid a visit to the falls the following day, after my helicopter ride, and was luckier with the weather. I did indeed get at least one nice photo of the falls. However, I’m quite happy I got to experience the falls in such diverse weather; during my trip to Iceland I learned to appreciate photographing in unpredictable weather and realised that landscapes with dramatic clouds are really so much more fascinating.


And so, the helicopter, but you’ll read about that another time… 🙂