Victoria Falls – helicopter ride with lovely photos

 “Viktoriafallen – helikoptertur med underbara foton” was first published on my Swedish Blog.

Last post was about the Victoria Falls from the ground, but today it’s from above… I’d never been in a helicopter before, and this, my very first helicopter ride, was to be experienced on my vacation away from the animals at Chipangali, in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.


From the beginning, I just had the 12 minute ride booked – I thought it expensive enough, 150 usd. But on my way to the adventure, the driver managed to convince me I absolutely needed to buy the full ride – the 25 minute ride!

The company is called the Zambezi Helicopter Company, and I cannot say anything else than they were really professional. They made us a video too, which was pretty fun – it did cost me another 50 usd, but well worth it.

“Once in a life time” as one might say…


It seemed logical, and I must admit, in hind sight, I’m thrilled I was so easily convinced. I had nothing else booked in Victoria Falls, since all the activities were so expensive, IMO, and besides, if you’ve already done bungy jumping the change of scenery won’t make it more awesome – it’s still the adrenaline you’re after.


I’m not 20 anymore either, so adrenaline rushes aren’t really that interesting to me today. Been there, done that! 🙂


We were 6 people, and there were 7 seats, including the one in front with the pilot. Being greedy I managed to get the front seat, and during the flight the pilot pointed out different interesting sights to see, which I might’ve missed otherwise.


You have to see the Victoria Falls from up above, it is so much more powerful than you can imagine standing there on the ground.


I was incredibly satisfied after the flight – well worth the money!


Unfortunately the photos didn’t turn out all that fantastic – it looked so much more breathtaking in real life! I implore you all to at least once in your life visit Victoria Falls.


victoria falls