5 reasons why you need to visit a tea plantation when in China!

QiXianFeng seven star tea plantation sunset


A visit to a tea plantation feels like a must when you’re in the country of tea – China! I’d never visited one before and this time I only tagged along mainly to do an excursion – and hopefully get some photos out of it. I’m not that into tea, so why visit a tea plantation? I know there are millions of different kinds of teas and to say you’re not that into tea is like saying you don’t really like food!ย I’m starting to like tea more and more, but I still don’t like drinking anything hot when it’s 30 degrees Celsius outside! I’m not that Chinese yet…


Qi Xian Feng – Seven Star tea plantation – is a tea plantation located about 15 km outside Yangshuo


The trip up to Qi Xian Feng, which is way up in the mountains, took quite some time on a scooter, but it was quite a nice journey. The landscape was incredibly beautiful and very mountaneous.



We walked around for a bit, when we got there, and were totally astonished by the views – it was amazingly gorgeous!ย Above you can see a tea bush, and a magical view – incredible!


QiXianFeng tea plantation panorama


After walking around the tea plantation for quite some time we went inside and got to taste the different types of teas they had to offer (probably not all of them, but a few). There were among others black tea, and green tea and I don’t know what… ๐Ÿ™‚


I enjoy the Chinese tea ceremony; just like the Japanese they have of course a rather intricate way of preparing the tea and it’s both relaxing and lovely to watch. However, it seemed we hade a somewhat shorter version… still relaxing though ๐Ÿ™‚



Qi Xian Feng tea plantation also has a restaurant!


After the testing we had dinner – a great dinner – the Chinese way, i.e. you order in an awful amount of food and then you all from whatever you like. It’s rather nice actually, if you don’t happen to crave anything specific and want it for yourself of course ๐Ÿ˜‰ We did succeed in sharing the food, though…





Food pic stolen from my friend Pica ๐Ÿ™‚ ย 

This is how you eat in China; you order a bunch of dishes and everyone eats from everything. NOTE – the small tiny cup to the left is a beer glass (!). ย 





ย Juan (Pica) and Master Ping

QiXianFeng tea plantationA new way – for me – to drink tea…


On our way back one of the scooters broke down, so Ping hade to tow it (lucky coincidence he had a whole heap of ropes and stuff in his own bike) to Yangshuo, and when we got there we got hold of someone to fix it – rather cheap and easily – 60 RMB! That’s so cheap!


This is one of the things I like about China, or Asia for that matter, you can get hold of a mechanic (or whatever worker you need) at night, during the weekend, and basically whenever!ย Everything is always open. Amazing.





Here we are waiting for the mechanic to do his magic – almost one hour’s work for 60 RMB!





So, at the end of the day, I felt I wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on this visit, and here are 5 reasons why you too should visit a tea plantation when you go to China, even if you’re like me and tea is not really your cup of tea:


  1. You get tea for free! And you get to taste all the different kinds of teas they have on the plantation – and did I mention – FOR FREE!
  2. You get to experience a simplified Chinese tea ceremony, which is very enjoyable and relaxing!
  3. You get to enjoy walking around the tea plantation and just savour the magical environment – experience some peace and a lovely, extremely welcome break from the lively city environment you so often find in China!
  4. You get to learn something new – always a positive thing!
  5. China is the tea’s home country – do you really need any other reasons?


What do you think? Has any of you visited a tea plantation in China and was it worth it? Are there perhaps more reasons why, that I’ve forgot to include?ย 


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