Animal introduction: Carla – the leopard

"Djurpresentation: Carla - min leopard" was first published on my Swedish Blog.   Another one of my absolute favourites on Chipangali was Carla, a female leopard.     Who is Carla? Carla is about 6 years old and the softest leopard in the whole world, if I could make this assumption without really knowing that many leopards. … Continue reading Animal introduction: Carla – the leopard


Animal introduction: Cilla – my serval

"Djurpresentation: Cilla - min serval" was first published on my Swedish Blog.       The first animal on Chipangali I want to introduce to you is Cilla, a male serval, who managed to grab a very special place in my heart. Who is Cilla? Cilla came to Chipangali about 1 year ago, with all four … Continue reading Animal introduction: Cilla – my serval