Wednesday Words: Confucius says slow

This time "Wednesday Words" is a quote I feel is quite right for me at the moment. I've spent almost 5 weeks here at "Yangshuo Traditional Tai Chi School" in Jima, and haven't learned a thing! Plus, I still feel as the stiffest person who ever sat foot on Earth!   Besides, I've missed so … Continue reading Wednesday Words: Confucius says slow


Wednesday Words: Journeys by Confucius

Photo of the Week – shipyard

This week's photo is taken when our ship was in Odense, Denmark for some remodelling... ENJOY!

Wednesday Words – Emotions by Sun

Photo of the Week – grandfather

As I mentioned last Sunday, I've managed to throw myself into a new exciting project: scanning old photographs. Today I'm sharing a photo taken in 1964 of my grandfather Håkan Larsson. I've done quite a bit post editing, as you probably can tell. One of my first attempts at colourising, and I really enjoy it, so … Continue reading Photo of the Week – grandfather

Wednesday Words: Clever by Rumi

SparaSpara SparaSpara SparaSpara

Photo of the Week – mom and dad

Just before Christmas 2015 I borrowed my father's and bonus mom's photo albums from way back, because I intended to scan all of the old photos to make new, digital versions. Really fun! At times... some times... 1st photo I'd like to share is really unusual - it's one of my parents together! My parents have … Continue reading Photo of the Week – mom and dad

Wednesday Words: Pain by Lowry

Today I'm starting a new category... Wednesday Words, so every Wednesday I'm sharing quotes and a photo by me. The photo I mean, the quote will most probably not come from me... 😛 This photo was taken in Reykjavik Zoo, when I was there in 2013 celebrating my 40th. It's a white mink, and the discovery they … Continue reading Wednesday Words: Pain by Lowry

My most popular Instagram 2015

I'll start the new year - the oh so amazing 2016 with my most popular Instagram during the year of 2015 - my most silent year since I entered the blogosphere. Hopefully 2016 will bring about some changes to that particular predicament and you'll start hearing from me on a regular basis again... Until next time … Continue reading My most popular Instagram 2015

The most liked (the best?) Instagram photo of 2014

My most popular photo from my Instagram feed during the whole year of 2014 was apparantly this photo: It's a photo of me (obviously) infront of one of my top travel destinations - Machu Picchu, Peru. Ever since I was in High School I've dreamed about this place. The 3rd and last year I wrote the mandatory paper … Continue reading The most liked (the best?) Instagram photo of 2014