Photo of the Week – shipyard

This week's photo is taken when our ship was in Odense, Denmark for some remodelling... ENJOY!


Photo of the Week – grandfather

As I mentioned last Sunday, I've managed to throw myself into a new exciting project: scanning old photographs. Today I'm sharing a photo taken in 1964 of my grandfather Håkan Larsson. I've done quite a bit post editing, as you probably can tell. One of my first attempts at colourising, and I really enjoy it, so … Continue reading Photo of the Week – grandfather

Photo of the Week – mom and dad

Just before Christmas 2015 I borrowed my father's and bonus mom's photo albums from way back, because I intended to scan all of the old photos to make new, digital versions. Really fun! At times... some times... 1st photo I'd like to share is really unusual - it's one of my parents together! My parents have … Continue reading Photo of the Week – mom and dad

Photo of the Week – Fushimi Inari Taisha

  Exactly 5 years ago, in the beginning of February 2009, I was visiting the country I'd longed for and felt a special attraction to all of my life - Japan. I was planning to study Japanese for 3 months in Kyoto, and I had chosen Kyoto because of its historic richness. However, things didn't … Continue reading Photo of the Week – Fushimi Inari Taisha

Photo of the Week, w4

This week I've been completely tied up at work, but I managed to get some practice within night photography. It's a bit tricky with the autofocus, though, since it's hard for the camera to find the focus point, being completely dark and all, and it's also hard for the eye (well, at least for my … Continue reading Photo of the Week, w4

Photo of the Week – little lamb

  This Photo of the Week is a photo of one of the two lambs born at the neighbour's earlier this week. Welcome to the world, little lambs! SparaSpara SparaSpara

Photo of the Week, w2

This Photo of the Week is an old photo of my fiancé Oh and his grandmother Nuu, who raised him as her own. At the moment they are suffering a really hard time, as grandmother is very ill, and I wish I was there to help, at least by being there for them both. I … Continue reading Photo of the Week, w2

Photo of the Week – the “kitties” wishing Happy New Year!

The photo of the week: my cute kittens Miso & Milo, who wish you a great amazing 2014! I've been ill during most of the week, so I've got nothing done and I haven't taken hardly any photos at all. Mata ne! SparaSpara

Photo of the week – Xmas celebration!

I've realised I haven't posted the photo of the week for number 52 yet, so here it comes; my beautiful nieces and nephews: SparaSpara

Photo of the Week – Xmas!

Merry Christmas! This week the photo is about christmas spirit and for once it actually feels ok to be home for Christmas, to be in Sweden. So Merry Christmas everybody!