Animal introduction: Carla – the leopard

"Djurpresentation: Carla - min leopard" was first published on my Swedish Blog.   Another one of my absolute favourites on Chipangali was Carla, a female leopard.     Who is Carla? Carla is about 6 years old and the softest leopard in the whole world, if I could make this assumption without really knowing that many leopards. … Continue reading Animal introduction: Carla – the leopard


Animal introduction: Cilla – my serval

"Djurpresentation: Cilla - min serval" was first published on my Swedish Blog.       The first animal on Chipangali I want to introduce to you is Cilla, a male serval, who managed to grab a very special place in my heart. Who is Cilla? Cilla came to Chipangali about 1 year ago, with all four … Continue reading Animal introduction: Cilla – my serval

Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage

"Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage - min drömresa!" was first published on my Swedish Blog. Yo! Long time no hear!   What have you been up to? No, wait... let me... because in my world (to steal someone's expression) I have something very important to tell you! About me! 😛   After a long, long year without … Continue reading Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage

Wednesday Words: Pain by Lowry

Today I'm starting a new category... Wednesday Words, so every Wednesday I'm sharing quotes and a photo by me. The photo I mean, the quote will most probably not come from me... 😛 This photo was taken in Reykjavik Zoo, when I was there in 2013 celebrating my 40th. It's a white mink, and the discovery they … Continue reading Wednesday Words: Pain by Lowry

365 project, theme week 3

THIS POST IS ALSO AVAILABLE IN SWEDISH! Theme week 3 of my 365 photo challenge project was all about love… All because of Valentine's Day, which occurred on the Friday of this/that week. Valentine's Day is also Oh's and my anniversary, the first time we shared a pillow, so we've chosen this day to celebrate … Continue reading 365 project, theme week 3

Photo of the Week – Ice, my sweet boxer

    This week I've worked quite a lot, and it's not particularly inspiring to post a photo of a MacBook Pro, so I chose to post a photo of Ice, my kid brother's dog, whom I've been babysitting a couple of days, too. Ice is a very sweet and loving dog, and he always … Continue reading Photo of the Week – Ice, my sweet boxer