Animal introduction: Carla – the leopard

"Djurpresentation: Carla - min leopard" was first published on my Swedish Blog.   Another one of my absolute favourites on Chipangali was Carla, a female leopard.     Who is Carla? Carla is about 6 years old and the softest leopard in the whole world, if I could make this assumption without really knowing that many leopards. … Continue reading Animal introduction: Carla – the leopard


Animal introduction: Cilla – my serval

"Djurpresentation: Cilla - min serval" was first published on my Swedish Blog.       The first animal on Chipangali I want to introduce to you is Cilla, a male serval, who managed to grab a very special place in my heart. Who is Cilla? Cilla came to Chipangali about 1 year ago, with all four … Continue reading Animal introduction: Cilla – my serval

Goodbye, until we meet again… <3

THIS POST IS ALSO AVAILABLE IN SWEDISH HERE!   Insignificant, like dust, you lay by the roadside; broken, unimportant and completely ignored… Who cares about a dead cat anyway?     You arrived in our home, just over 1 year ago, harried by living on the streets as an unwanted, unloved, broken soul. You had … Continue reading Goodbye, until we meet again… ❤

My Best Instagram Photo of 2013

If you are to believe your Instagram followers, and other random people, this is my most liked photo posted during 2013 - it received 22 tiny hearts (not particularly plenty compared to others, I know, but I only compare with my other photos!):My kitten boys Milo and Miso like to sleep close together, and especially … Continue reading My Best Instagram Photo of 2013

Photo of the week – Tora, my lovely kitten

While my life is more and more centred around photography, I thought a new photo category could be in order. In "Photo of the week" I'm planning to post photos, which one way or another symbolise my past week, or simply my life in general. My thought here is that this new category also will … Continue reading Photo of the week – Tora, my lovely kitten