Wednesday Words: Confucius says slow

This time "Wednesday Words" is a quote I feel is quite right for me at the moment. I've spent almost 5 weeks here at "Yangshuo Traditional Tai Chi School" in Jima, and haven't learned a thing! Plus, I still feel as the stiffest person who ever sat foot on Earth!   Besides, I've missed so … Continue reading Wednesday Words: Confucius says slow


Mutianyu – the stunt at the Great Wall of China

So, last time I was here, back in 1994, we visited Mutianyu, one of the most visited parts of the Great Wall of China. Back in the day there was 1 cable way up, but it would cost us 10¥ and we, cheaper than cheapest, did not want to pay that hefty sum, so we … Continue reading Mutianyu – the stunt at the Great Wall of China

Fisherman’s Village Market

"Marknad i Fisherman's Village" was first published on my Swedish Blog.   The best market on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand, is without doubt the one in Fisherman's Village - needless to rub it in, but I simply love Fisherman's Village. By far the best beach on the island.   As I've previously written every … Continue reading Fisherman’s Village Market

Waterfalls, Victoria Falls and a swimming pool

"Vattenfall, Victoria Falls och en swimmingpool" was first published on my Swedish Blog.     For those of you who don't know me - inside and out - I love waterfalls. There is just not anything quite as wonderful in the whole world, not even cats! Sorry, my sweeties... ❤   So, when I was offered to … Continue reading Waterfalls, Victoria Falls and a swimming pool

Tonstad – gorgeous landscape

One random afternoon we decided to take the plunge - challenge our feet - for some wonderful views - and OMG what a view! Needless to say - I'm not the fittest person in the bunch, so climbing up the small hill turned out to demand quite a lot will power from me, while others … Continue reading Tonstad – gorgeous landscape

The charter trip to Side, Turkey

"Side, Turkiet - på charterresa" was first published on my Swedish Blog.     So, I ended up in Side, Turkey, on a charter trip, and those of you who know me know I'm not exactly the charter travelling type, but well, I wanted a cheap holiday and I did choose a destination with plenty of … Continue reading The charter trip to Side, Turkey

Wednesday Words: Journeys by Confucius

Photo of the Week – shipyard

This week's photo is taken when our ship was in Odense, Denmark for some remodelling... ENJOY!

Wednesday Words – Emotions by Sun

Photo of the Week – grandfather

As I mentioned last Sunday, I've managed to throw myself into a new exciting project: scanning old photographs. Today I'm sharing a photo taken in 1964 of my grandfather Håkan Larsson. I've done quite a bit post editing, as you probably can tell. One of my first attempts at colourising, and I really enjoy it, so … Continue reading Photo of the Week – grandfather