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Wednesday Words: Confucius says slow

This time “Wednesday Words” is a quote I feel is quite right for me at the moment. I’ve spent almost 5 weeks here at “Yangshuo Traditional Tai Chi School” in Jima, and haven’t learned a thing! Plus, I still feel as the stiffest person who ever sat foot […]

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Old memories: Wat Plai Laem, Samui

“Wat Plai Laem” was first published on my Swedish Blog.   Sometimes when you go through your old photos, you’re kind of amazed of what you find, and realise you haven’t even posted them! What a disgrace… 🙂   A visit at Wat Plai Laem is almost compulsory […]

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Waterfalls, Victoria Falls and a swimming pool

“Vattenfall, Victoria Falls och en swimmingpool” was first published on my Swedish Blog.     For those of you who don’t know me – inside and out – I love waterfalls. There is just not anything quite as wonderful in the whole world, not even cats! Sorry, my sweeties… ❤ […]

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Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage

“Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage – min drömresa!” was first published on my Swedish Blog. Yo! Long time no hear!   What have you been up to? No, wait… let me… because in my world (to steal someone’s expression) I have something very important to tell you! About me! 😛 […]

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Photo of the Week – grandfather

As I mentioned last Sunday, I’ve managed to throw myself into a new exciting project: scanning old photographs. Today I’m sharing a photo taken in 1964 of my grandfather Håkan Larsson. I’ve done quite a bit post editing, as you probably can tell. One of my first attempts at […]

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